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FCB Group is Australia’s leading workplace legal and human resources (HR) solutions business. We specialise in providing Australian businesses with…

FCB Group | Australia | 14 Dec 2017

Workplace Investigations: Procedural Fairness and the Privilege of Legal Professional Privilege

If you are made aware of possible misconduct by an employee that may justify Disciplinary action, it is vital that a thorough workplace investigation…

FCB Group | Australia | 8 Nov 2017

Keeping Up With The Times

We are continuing to see a range of technological advancements enter Australian workplaces at increasing rates. Jessica Fisher, Director of FCB Group…

FCB Group | Australia | 26 Oct 2017

Wage increases - Really? Update in Manufacturing Industry.

There has been a lot of recent talk of economic stimulus to drive wage increases. However, the position in the manufacturing sector continues to show…

FCB Group | Australia | 11 Oct 2017

Reduced Penalty Rates Here to Stay

A five member Full Court of the Federal Court this morning issued its decision in relation to the application by the Shop, Distributive and Allied…

FCB Group | Australia | 9 Oct 2017

Walking the Walk: Keeping “Our Most Valuable Asset” Safe

“People are our organization’s most valuable asset. I hear it all of the time. I hear this so often that I made it the first sentence in my upcoming…

FCB Group | Australia | 25 Sep 2017

Avoid Making Emotional Decisions in the Heat of the Moment

A Real Estate Agency has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory after they made an emotional decision to summarily dismiss an employee via text…

FCB Group | Australia | 8 Sep 2017

Franchisor Compliance Obligations: Vulnerable Workers Legislation Passed!

The long-anticipated Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill was passed by the Australian Parliament despite efforts of the Franchise…

FCB Group | USA | 4 Aug 2017

Vulnerable Workers Bill listed for debate on Tuesday Franchisors warned - get your house in order now.

Whilst the attention upon matters arising from the Vulnerable Workers Bill may appeared to have died down recently this is certainly not the case…

FCB Group | Australia | 5 Jul 2017

FWC Announces Significant Changes to Casual and Part Time Employment

A Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has today announced its long awaited Decision in the Casual and Part-Time Employment Common Issues case…

FCB Group | Australia | 29 Jun 2017

The Big Gig

The emergence of the gig economy is characterized by the advent of platforms which create labour markets to provide users with goods and services…
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