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At RDJ, we combine legal insight and human intelligence to deliver long-lasting business impact. As one of Ireland’s leading corporate law firms…
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RDJ LLP | Ireland | 22 Jun 2022

Rebalancing responsibility between the occupier and visitor - Proposed Amendments Occupiers’ Liability Act 1995

Important reforms were approved by Cabinet recently which seeks to strike a balance with a property owner’s duty of care, whether they are a business…
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RDJ LLP | Ireland, United Kingdom | 20 Jun 2022

Bridge that gap! Gender pay gap information reporting

On the 3rd of June last, the long-awaited Regulations under the Gender Pay Gap (Information) Act 2021 (“the Act”), setting out the information…
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RDJ LLP | Ireland | 14 Jun 2022

RDJ unveils new brand and shortened name

Law firm Ronan Daly Jermyn has launched a full rebrand, revamping its logo, website and identity with a bold modern look and shortening its name to…
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RDJ LLP | European Union, Ireland | 19 May 2022

The Data Act - “It's not personal, it's just business"

In February 2020 the European Commission published its strategies for the use of data and artificial intelligence. The objectives of its data strategy…
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RDJ LLP | European Union, Ireland | 10 May 2022

Key Takeaways: The Data Protection Commission’s Annual Report for 2021

The Data Protection Commission ("DPC") recently published its 2021 Annual Report (the "Report"), marking the end of the third full calendar year of…
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RDJ LLP | Global, Ireland | 6 May 2022

Intellectual Property Rights and Artificial Intelligence: The Printing Revolution meets Industry 4.0

We live in a world where technology enjoys exponential growth and limitless developments. Such technological advances are commonly fuelled by the…
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RDJ LLP | Ireland | 6 Apr 2022

CBI Maintains Cautious Stance as Adoption of Crypto-Assets Progresses

Introduction The Central Bank of Ireland (“CBI”) published its Securities Markets Risk Outlook Report on 8 February 2022 detailing the CBI'…
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RDJ LLP | Ireland | 28 Mar 2022

Finance Act 2021 and the Code of Practice for Revenue Compliance Interventions

Tax Mark Barrett explains the changes in Revenue’s new Code of Practice, which will “go live” on 1 May, and outlines the Irish Tax Institute’s work…
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RDJ LLP | European Union, Russia, Ukraine | 10 Mar 2022

Compliance with EU Sanctions on Russia

Since the 23rd of February 2022, the European Union (the “EU”) has adopted four separate sanctions packages in response to Russia’s illegal and…
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RDJ LLP | Ireland | 10 Mar 2022

Levelling The Defamation Playing Field

On 01 March 2022 Minister for Justice Helen McEntee T.D. Published the long-awaited Report of the Review of the Defamation Act 2009 (“the Review”)…
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