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Lash Condo Law | Canada | 19 Feb 2016

Recouping Costs From Defaulting Condominium Owner

Enforcing compliance with the condominium documents against a defaulting condominium owner can be a very costly undertaking for a condominium…

Lash Condo Law | Canada | 12 Feb 2016

Court Orders Condo Owner to Stop Smoking in Unit

The British Columbia Supreme Court recently ordered a condominium unit owner to cease smoking in his unit in contravention of the strata…

Lash Condo Law | Canada | 11 Feb 2016

Condominium Parking Dispute Escalates Out of Control - Another Oppression Case

In condominium living, the needs of the few must be balanced with the needs of the many. Compromise by owners and residents is necessary in order to…

Lash Condo Law | Canada | 4 Feb 2016

Robotic Valet Parking Systems in Condominiums

When planning a condominium project, developers try to maximize the usage of the condominium property. Since parking takes up so much space, robotic…

Lash Condo Law | Canada | 2 Feb 2016

Commercial Condominium Dispute - Unsuccessful Oppression Claim

In a recent case, Seto v. PCC No. 492, several commercial condominium owners were unsuccessful in their application for an order that the condominium…

Lash Condo Law | Canada | 26 Jan 2016

Landmark Decision: Terminating an Agreement Under Section 112 of the Condominium Act

In a recent landmark decision, HSCC No. 627 v. Grandview Living Inc., the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruled that a condominium corporation…

Lash Condo Law | Canada | 21 Jan 2016

Update on Government Independent Review of Tarion Warranty Corporation

The Ontario Government has provided more details about the independent review of the Tarion Warranty Corporation and the Ontario New Home Warranties…

Lash Condo Law | Canada | 20 Jan 2016

The Perils of High-Rise Living - Decreased Chances of Surviving Cardiac Arrest

A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal concluded that the higher you live in a building the lower your chances of surviving…

Lash Condo Law | Canada | 13 Jan 2016

Condo Board Meetings in Mandarin Prompts Human Rights Complaint

A group of condominium unit owners in Richmond, B. C. have filed a complaint with theBritish Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, claiming that they were…

Lash Condo Law | Canada | 11 Jan 2016

Condominium Corporations Must Act Reasonably in Enforcing Compliance with Condominium Documents

An Ottawa condominium corporation recently found that it was unable to recoup all of its legal costs incurred in seeking a compliance order against a…
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