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Volkov Law Group | USA | 26 Mar 2019

DOJ “Tweaks” FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy

The Justice Department is wedded to its FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy (excuse me for the use of “wedded,” we recently celebrated our son’s…

Volkov Law Group | USA | 14 Mar 2019

2019 Cryptocurrency Regulations - A Primer and What to Expect Throughout the Year

You've heard this before, but it still holds true - cryptocurrency regulations are coming. Everyone knows they're inevitable, and there has been some…

Volkov Law Group | USA | 11 Oct 2016

FCPA Enforcement Ramping Up Against Private Equity and Hedge Funds (Part III)

The Och-Ziff settlement has now set the stage for the Justice Department and the SEC to focus its enforcement eye on the private equity and hedge…

Volkov Law Group | Democratic Republic of Congo, USA | 10 Oct 2016

Och-Ziff Failures in Due Diligence and Transaction Compliance (Part II)

The Och-Ziff enforcement action is replete with examples of failures in due diligence and transaction monitoring compliance. Och-Ziff’s bribery…

Volkov Law Group | USA | 9 Oct 2016

DOJ and SEC Deliver Body Blow to Private Equity and Hedge Funds: Och-Ziff Settles FCPA Violations for $412 Million (Part I)

The Justice Department and the Securities Exchange Commission delivered a powerful FCPA enforcement message to private equity and hedge funds…

Volkov Law Group | USA | 5 Oct 2016

The Recalibration of Compliance: What is the Definition of Success?

Some of this is the result of a political backlash. Chief compliance officers are the darlings in the corporate governance world, and there are…

Volkov Law Group | USA | 4 Oct 2016

GSK Settles SEC FCPA Case for $20 Million

The SEC finished with the last nail in GSK China's coffin by announcing a $20 FCPA million settlement for GSK's violations in China. The Justice…

Volkov Law Group | USA | 4 Oct 2016

Double Play, Double Declinations: DOJ Pushes FCPA Pilot Program Benefits

DOJ’s FCPA Pilot Program was panned when it was announced in April 2016. Critics contended that the incentive for voluntary disclosure of FCPA…

Volkov Law Group | India, USA | 2 Oct 2016

5 Key Takeaways from AB InBev SEC FCPA Settlement

The Justice Department and the SEC have been busy over the last 2 weeks in the FCPA arena. For those who have raised doubts about DOJ and the SEC’s…

Volkov Law Group | USA | 29 Sep 2016

Dig a Little Deeper: The Importance of Beneficial Ownership

Companies interact with a large number of entities in the outside world - customers, third party intermediaries and vendors and suppliers to name the…
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