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Venetucci & Asociados | Argentina | 14 Apr 2021

New regulation aims to combat spread of Asian and Japanese gypsy moths

A new regulation has entered into force to combat the risk of Asian and Japanese gypsy moths being transported into Argentina. The new regulation…

Venetucci & Asociados | Argentina | 3 Mar 2021

New regulation makes waves: Coastguard establishes maximum speed for stretch of Parana River

A new Coastguard regulation has established the maximum speed between km 406 and km 435 of the Parana River. This regulation is the result of pressure…

Venetucci & Asociados | Argentina | 29 Jul 2020

Use of open-loop scrubbers complies with Argentine regulations

Argentina has not ratified Annex VI of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships and there is no domestic legislation…

Venetucci & Asociados | Argentina | 1 Apr 2020

Transport restrictions introduced due to coronavirus outbreak

Further to a National Cabinet meeting on 16 March 2020, a new regulation was introduced which prohibits entry into Argentina by sea, air or land for…

Venetucci & Asociados | Argentina | 24 Apr 2019

Bunker supply and VAT

The question of whether foreign-flagged Ships involved in international trade are subject to value added tax (VAT) when supplying bunkers in Argentina…

Venetucci & Asociados | Argentina | 21 Nov 2018

It stinks! Ships forced to discharge waste in Argentine ports

Local authorities have increasingly exercised their power to enforce local regulations concerning waste disposal and broadened the responsibility of…

Venetucci & Asociados | Argentina | 25 Jul 2018

Pest control certificates - overview of current legislation

Ships calling at ports on the Parana river are increasingly being asked to submit a pest control certificate to the Health Authority. Failure to…

Venetucci & Asociados | Argentina | 14 Mar 2018

New holds inspection regulation causes uncertainty and disappointment

Under the new Regulation 693-E/2017, the system for checking the cargo-worthiness of holds and tanks of Ships and barges for the export of grains and…

Venetucci & Asociados | Argentina | 12 Jul 2017

Ballast water saga: regulation requiring chlorination causes confusion

A number of indications suggest that shipping compliance in Argentina can be stressful. The requirements for operators regarding inward clearance…

Venetucci & Asociados | Argentina | 8 Mar 2017

New regulation on ballast water treatment

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development recently issued a new regulation addressing ballast water treatment for vessels arriving from…
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