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Wortzmans | Global | 11 May 2016

Are we on the cusp of a new legal-information age?

For the first time, Millennials (those between 19 and 35 years old as of this year) surpassed the Gen-Xers (people between 36 and 51) as the largest…

Wortzmans | USA | 5 May 2016

Is Blackberry’s Enhanced Security a Myth?

Our last blog focused on Apple's refusal to compromise its global device security in response to an FBI court order. Blackberry appears to have taken…

Wortzmans | USA | 2 May 2016

What the hack?!?

One of the major themes as the iPro Innovations 2016 Conference was security - at the corporate and firm level as well as from a consumer perspective…

Wortzmans | USA | 28 Apr 2016

Mobile Devices, Technology Companies and Law Enforcement - Part 1

Earlier this year Apple challenged a court order requiring it to help the FBI unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino assailant. Apple resisted…

Wortzmans | USA | 19 Apr 2016

Data Collection in the Internet of Things Age

In our technology-dependant society, we know that many things we interact with automatically create and consume information about us. We're on the…

Wortzmans | USA | 6 Apr 2016

It’s the end of the legal world as we know it… but we feel fine

Daniel Susskind warns that the future of the legal profession is in jeopardy. While speaking to a group of [mostly legal] professionals about his new…

Wortzmans | Canada, USA | 31 Mar 2016

Cyber-Fraud targets executive mailboxes

We all know the email asking us to help someone (often foreign royalty) to move several million dollars - all we have to do is give them our bank…

Wortzmans | Canada | 24 Mar 2016

Twitter’s Birthday - What does it mean for e-Discovery?

Twitter, the 140 character social media messaging service, turned 10 yesterday. In just a few short years, Twitter has become a household name, and is…

Wortzmans | Canada | 9 Mar 2016

Is your law firm at high risk of a cyber-breach?

According to a recent report by the cyber-security firm TruShield, mid-sized law firms (those between 50 and 150 lawyers) will be at the top of the…

Wortzmans | United Kingdom | 2 Mar 2016

Technology Assisted Review Endorsed in the UK

Court rulings endorsing the use of Technology Assisted Review (TAR) abound in the US. Since the seminal Da Silva Moore case in February 2012, rulings…
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