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TrademarkNow | USA | 17 Jan 2017

5 Essential Steps to Protecting a Trademark

Losing a trademark battle can have devastating effects on your business. Fighting to protect a trademark in court is also expensive and time-consuming…

TrademarkNow | Global | 4 Jan 2017

Global Trademark Search: When DIY Is Your Best Option

"Knowledge is power." It's an encouraging euphemism spoken quite frequently. Unfortunately, the phrase often contains an unspoken message: Certain…

TrademarkNow | USA | 29 Dec 2016

Inside Counsel's Guide to Managing Multiple Trademarks

Sometimes things fall through the cracks. Even the most conscientious of employees will occasionally have an oversight. Unfortunately, the freedom to…

TrademarkNow | USA | 27 Dec 2016

4 Considerations Before Purchasing a Dead Trademark

Finding the ideal trademarks for your business can be grueling. In a global economy that’s growing every day, the opportunities to seize the marks you…

TrademarkNow | USA | 22 Dec 2016

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Product Brand Name

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. William Shakespeare wrote that... He obviously never tried to sell Pee Cola to tourists in Ghana =)…

TrademarkNow | USA | 13 Dec 2016

How to Come Up With a World Class Brand Name

We've been here for 10 hours! Brainstorming ideas for a new company name has us on the edge. A wadded up pile of papers clutters the corner. An empty…

TrademarkNow | China | 22 Nov 2016

The China Trademark Registration Process Cheatsheet

Registering trademarks internationally is smart. Whether you are currently selling overseas, or are simply open to the possibility, covering your…

TrademarkNow | Ghana, Thailand, USA | 14 Nov 2016

The 7 Most Unfortunate Brand Names Ever Trademarked

No one sets out to create an unremarkable brand name. In our experience, most unfortunate naming situations are synonymous with budgetary constraints…

TrademarkNow | USA | 18 Oct 2016

How to Do a Better Trademark Search: Getting it Right the First Time

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become standard in healthcare, finance, and countless other industries. Polydimensional algorithms are used to…

TrademarkNow | Global | 13 Oct 2016

The 5 Most Common Trademark Search Mistakes You Should Avoid

Choosing a brand name is similar to choosing a baby name—only harder. Fall in love with the name Madison, Charlotte, or Emma? No problem. Your child…
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