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Founded as a spin-off of several lawyers led by the heads of the energy, finance and projects teams of a leading international law firm…

Volciuc-Ionescu | Romania | 22 Mar 2021

New Soil Quality Certificate - a potential impediment for land transactions

As of 1 January 2021, Law 246/2020 on soil use, conservation and protection (“Law 246/2020“), introduces a new requirement for certain land operations…

Volciuc-Ionescu | Romania | 25 Feb 2021

Amendments to the Energy Law

On 15 December 2020 a law amending the Energy Law No. 123/2012 (“Energy Law“) was passed under no. 290/2020 (the “Amending Law“)…

Volciuc-Ionescu | Romania | 23 Feb 2021

Simplification of trade registry formalities

On 26 December 2020 Order no. 6974/C/2020 amending and supplementing the methodological rules on the keeping of trade registers, recording and release…

Volciuc-Ionescu | Romania | 16 Feb 2021

Amendments to Mining Law

Mining Law no. 85 of 18 March 2003 has recently been amended by Law 275/2020. The recent amendments cover several areas, such as: payment of royalties…

Volciuc-Ionescu | European Union | 12 Feb 2021

New state aid scheme in the renewable energy sector

A new state aid scheme supporting investments in the production and distribution of heat from renewable energy sources (such as biogas, biomass and…

Volciuc-Ionescu | European Union, Romania | 8 Feb 2021

Romania: Update of the Credit Institutions Licensing Requirements

At the end of December 2020, the National Bank of Romania ("NBR") consolidated and updated the regulations dealing with the licensing of credited…

Volciuc-Ionescu | Romania | 19 Oct 2020

Draft law on offshore wind farms “silently” approved by the Romanian Senate

The draft law regarding the necessary measures for performing operations for offshore wind exploitation (“Draft Law“) has been forwarded this week to…

Volciuc-Ionescu | Romania | 6 Oct 2020

Newly enacted amendments to Companies Law simplify formalities for the transfer of shares in limited liability companies

The Chamber of Deputies of the Romanian Parliament has passed a law repelling some of the most impactful red tape provisions of Companies Law 31/1990…

Volciuc-Ionescu | European Union, Romania | 15 Jun 2020

Significant amendments in the energy sector - bilaterally negotiated PPAs have green light

As of the entry into force of the Electricity and Natural Gas Law no. 123/2012 (“Energy Law“) in July 2012, all wholesale electricity transactions had…

Volciuc-Ionescu | Romania | 15 Apr 2020

Suspension of the repayment of loans in the context of the COVID-19 pandemics

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemics, the Romanian Government has introduced certain facilities for loans granted by credit institutions and…
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