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PaRR | Australia | 26 Nov 2015

Liner shipping in spotlight as Australian government supports abolishing blanket exemption

After Hong Kong, the liner shipping industry is in the spotlight in Australia since the government has approved a majority of the recommendations from…

PaRR | Asia-Pacific, Vietnam | 19 Nov 2015

Vietnam needs to abolish state-owned exemption to align with TPP commitments

Vietnam requires a more transparent competition policy and must abolish its current practice of exempting state-owned enterprises (SOEs) as a result…

PaRR | Asia-Pacific | 29 Oct 2015

ASEAN mulls competition harmonization action plan

ASEAN member states moving towards economic integration by the end of this year are considering a new post-2015 competition action plan, the…

PaRR | Indonesia | 28 Oct 2015

Indonesian authority rejects criminal sanctions in law overhaul

Indonesia’s Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition (KPPU) has asked parliament not to criminalize elements of amended competition law…

PaRR | Asia-Pacific | 18 Oct 2015

PaRR Asia-Pacific Weekly News Digest - 19 October 2015

A move towards economic integration among ASEAN member states could be either a boon or a bane for established antitrust jurisdictions, like…

PaRR | Asia-Pacific, Indonesia, Singapore | 16 Oct 2015

ASEAN integration: boon or bane for Singaporean and Indonesian antitrust authorities?

The move towards economic integration among the member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), combined with the global…

PaRR | European Union | 16 Oct 2015

Office Depot/Staples: pan-European contracts limited, but deal worries smaller players

Pan-European business contracts are a small percentage of overall office supply contracts in the EU, according to an industry source. But competition…

PaRR | Japan | 16 Oct 2015

Japanese enforcer increasingly relying on digital forensics, JFTC officials say

Investigators at the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) are using more digital forensics, and the increased use of corporate data on cloud-based…

PaRR | China | 16 Oct 2015

China's draft online car service rules cause stir

The Chinese Ministry of Transport’s (MOT) recent draft regulation about online ride-hailing services has drawn public outcry over its tough line…

PaRR | China | 16 Oct 2015

China to meet with carmakers on new repair disclosure rule

Government agencies led by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) will soon hold a meeting with car-makers to discuss enforcement of a new rule requiring…
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