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Castrén & Snellman | Finland | 11 Feb 2020

Finnish Patent and Registration Office Renders First Trademark Non-Use Revocation Decision

One of the main trademark principles is ‘use it or lose it’. This means that a trademark registration can be revoked if the owner has not put its


Castrén & Snellman | Finland | 9 Feb 2020

Better Results in IT Projects through Change Management

Your IT project started well, but now you have hit an impasse. Did your supplier’s new update turn out not to be what you were expecting? Does it


Castrén & Snellman | Finland | 6 Feb 2020

New Act on Reporting Obligation for Transactions

Finnish Parliament recently enacted a new act regarding reportable transactions in the field of taxation (in Finnish ‘Laki raportoitavista


Castrén & Snellman | Finland | 28 Jan 2020

Six Trends for the New Decade of Technology

The 2010s were a decade of breathtaking technological development. What can we expect from the 2020s? Technology will change every industry and


Castrén & Snellman | Finland | 22 Jan 2020

New Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies 2020: Some Observations

After a year of work, the Securities Market Association's new Corporate Governance Code has been completed. The new code entered into force on 1


Castrén & Snellman | Finland | 21 Jan 2020

Three Guidelines for Board Membership: Get Interested, Get Informed and Get an Opinion

With power comes responsibilitythough a cliché, this proverb does hold true for a company’s Board of Directors. Board membership is a position of


Castrén & Snellman | United Kingdom, European Union | 16 Dec 2019

What Were the Major Commercial Law Trends of the 2010s? Five Conversation Starters for the Holidays

What were the hottest legal topics of the past decade? What gave our clients pause for thought? We listed five things to provide plenty to talk about


Castrén & Snellman | Finland | 2 Dec 2019

Should We Be Regulating Working Hours or Protecting Free Time?

The long-awaited new Working Hours Act is entering into force on 1 January 2020. The act has already been criticised for not meeting the demands of


Castrén & Snellman | Finland | 24 Nov 2019

Finland’s New Working Hours Act - New Tools for a New Decade

For an increasing number of people, work is no longer tied to a specific time or place. Technology has made it possible to work at any time of day


Castrén & Snellman | European Union, Finland | 6 Nov 2019

Significant Supreme Court Precedent in the Asphalt Cartel Case

On 22 October 2019, the Supreme Court issued a significant precedent in a competition damages case based on the so-called asphalt cartel. The Supreme

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