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Conlin Bedard LLP is a leading Canadian law firm specializing in international trade and customs, public procurement, aviation, rail transportation…

Conlin Bedard LLP | Canada | 19 Jan 2021

Transport Canada permits the Boeing 737 MAX to fly in Canadian Airspace (With Conditions)

Following Transport Canada's extensive 20-month review, Boeing 737 MAX (the "737 MAX") aircraft will be permitted to return to commercial operation in…

Conlin Bedard LLP | Canada | 20 Nov 2020

Canada introduces new consumer privacy legislation in Parliament

On November 17, 2020, new privacy legislation was introduced in Canada's Parliament. The bill, which includes the Consumer Privacy Protection Act…

Conlin Bedard LLP | Canada | 27 Oct 2020

Negotiating favourable railway crossing agreements

Canada’s railways extend for almost 50,000 km. Along these tracks are countless crossings—public Roads, watermains, sewers, telecommunication lin…

Conlin Bedard LLP | Canada | 30 Jan 2020

Defence & Security Procurement in Canada

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