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MSA IP | USA, European Union | 15 Jan 2020

Life 70 Years: Copyrighted Works That Have Entered into the Public Domain in 2020 - Economic Rights Gone with the Wind

Last year, we established the tradition of celebrating Public Domain Name Day (January 1) by publishing an article highlighting some of the most


MSA IP | USA, European Union | 2 Feb 2019

Life 70 Years: Copyrighted Works That Have Entered into the Public Domain in 2019 - a European Perspective

To quote Albert Camus' novel Jonas or the artist at work: "To create something new, one must be surrounded with the old." However, the "old" may not


MSA IP | European Union | 24 Jan 2019

New related right on the horizon?

As a part of the EU's copyright reform package that aims to modernize copyright legislation that predates the Internet era, the EU has proposed the


MSA IP | USA, Global | 15 Jan 2019

Green Light for Domain Names Price Increase

Verisign and the U.S. Government have agreed on extending the Cooperative Agreement. The extension allows registry operator - Verisign to raise


MSA IP | Bulgaria | 17 Dec 2018

Philipp Plein v. Rezon Ltd - The first Bulgarian decision related to liability of intermediaries

The Sofia City Court, Commercial Division reached a landmark decision on November 15, 2018, when it issued a judgement holding that the company REZON


MSA IP | Global | 12 Dec 2018

Sunrise period for new domain names with IDN characters

On November 27, 2018, the Serbian ccTLD authority (Serbian National Internet Domain Registry - RNIDS) announced the start of a new sunrise period for


MSA IP | Bulgaria | 18 Apr 2017

The sunrise period for Bulgarian Cyrillic top-level domain is now running

The beginning of 2017 has been marked by the launching of the new Cyrillic country-code top level domain .бг (which is the Cyrillic equivalent to .bg)


MSA IP | Serbia | 6 Mar 2017

Non-use strategies: What you need to know about trademark refiling in serbia

It is not a rare situation that marks are being registered far before they are used on the market. The reasons for such preservation of rights could


MSA IP | Serbia | 5 Dec 2016

Serbia - Time Limit to File a Trademark Infringement Claim from the Perspective of Domestic Courts

In Serbia, the filing of a trademark infringement claim is restricted by a statute of limitations. Namely, Article 74 para 1 of the Serbian Law on


MSA IP | United Kingdom, European Union | 7 Nov 2016

Brexit and IP: Can the experience from former Yugoslavia be applied?

The rather hot June of 2016 introduced a hot new story in Europe - Brexit. Voters in the referendum in the United Kingdom decided to leave the

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