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Mitry Lawyers is a boutique law firm with branches in the heart of Sydney CBD, Melbourne and affiliate offices in a number of locations. Managed by…

Mitry Lawyers | Australia | 17 Aug 2020

Does the Government have the power to control human behaviour based on public health? COVID-19 and Government Power

The government controlling human behaviour is no longer a distant concept in a COVID-19 World. Control of human behaviour through government orders…

Mitry Lawyers | Australia, Global | 9 Sep 2019

Are Verbal Contracts Valid? A Comparative Analysis Between Common Law, Civil Law and the CISG

Comparative contract law is a fascinating field of scholarly discussion, as it explores numerous challenges pertaining to interpretation and…

Mitry Lawyers | Australia | 17 Dec 2018

A practical guide for using the personal property and securities register (“PPSR”)

In 2006, there were over 70 pieces of legislation regulating personal property securities in Australia. Each statute exhibited disparate priority…

Mitry Lawyers | Global, Netherlands | 28 Nov 2018

The Hague Conference on Private International Law

Private international law plays an integral role in governing and resolving cross border disputes. In a global community that is composed of vast and…

Mitry Lawyers | Australia | 4 Oct 2018

Are Diplomats Above The Law? Lifting The Veil Of Diplomatic and Foreign State Immunity

Diplomatic and consular immunity originated from ancient Roman and Greek state practice and gained global recognition…

Mitry Lawyers | Australia, OECD | 21 Aug 2018

Doing Business In The Land Down Under: What You Need To Know

A brief expose on Australia’s history, culture, economy, law, as well as foreign relations and trade.

Mitry Lawyers | Australia | 16 Aug 2018

Cyberbullying laws in Australia

Cyberbullying is emerging as a significant legal issue of growing national and international importance. In today’s digital age, the once distinct…

Mitry Lawyers | Lebanon | 14 Aug 2018

Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Lebanon

A foreign judgment can be enforced in Lebanon pursuant to a grant of exequatur (recognition) by the Lebanese Civil Court of Appeal provided the…
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