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WE ARE GUERNSEY is the brand under which Guernsey Finance promotes the island's financial services sector internationally. Guernsey Finance - the…

Guernsey Finance | Guernsey | 28 Jun 2018

Approach to regulation and risk - Does the way you talk about compliance pass the 'granny test'?

In the latest in a series of regulatory columns for Compliance Matters by experts in Guernsey’s legal sector, Collas Crill Group Partner Wayne…

Guernsey Finance | Guernsey | 27 Jun 2018

Guernsey for ILS

Guernsey has a thriving insurance linked securities (ILS) sector and is home to an abundance of ILS structures including: hundreds of special…

Guernsey Finance | Guernsey | 5 Jun 2018

Guernsey’s solution for boosting prospects for growth companies

Amid calls made at the Guernsey Funds Forum for reform to make stock market listings more appealing to growth companies, James Falla hears from Fiona…

Guernsey Finance | Guernsey | 1 Jun 2018

Industry should "kick back" on increasing regulation

Jon Moulton, the Guernsey resident described as 'the public face of the private equity industry' used a platform at the Guernsey Funds Forum in…

Guernsey Finance | Guernsey | 30 May 2018

Diversity in financial services needs to go 'well beyond the boardroom'

Pursuit of diversity in financial services needs to go "well beyond the boardroom", according to one of Britain's leading diversity campaigners…

Guernsey Finance | European Union, Guernsey, United Kingdom | 29 May 2018

Brexit: Focus must be on the future, not the past

The fall out of the Brexit referendum vote in the UK has been “a disappointing episode in our country’s great history”, according to one of the…

Guernsey Finance | European Union, Guernsey, United Kingdom | 24 May 2018

Mutual recognition is the name of this game

In advance of our Funds Forum event I read the IEA discussion paper - Improving Global Financial Services Regulation. This paper, written by Shanker…

Guernsey Finance | European Union, United Kingdom | 23 May 2018

The City should survive Brexit

Many of the economic issues which dogged the UK and Europe in 2010, when Jonathan Ford joined the Financial Times, are still present in the global…

Guernsey Finance | Guernsey | 15 May 2018

Growing Guernsey's global reach

It is the Guernsey view that mutual recognition of funds regimes is the future for global distribution and administration. As a global leader in…

Guernsey Finance | Guernsey | 8 May 2018

Guernsey shows its green colours

Dr Andy Sloan, Acting Director of Strategy at Guernsey Finance, explains the rationale and the proposed operation of Guernsey’s new world-first…
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