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Merlin Law Group, PA | USA | 23 Sep 2015

Colorado continues to wrestle with the appraisal process

As I have noted in the past, the appraisal process has become a hot topic in the property insurance world in the past few years. Colorado has become…

Merlin Law Group, PA | USA | 22 Sep 2015

Casualty tax loss - tough to claim but worth the effort

So, you have filed for your FEMA and insurance claims and have received all the proceeds you believe you are entitled to. Well, the federal tax laws…

Merlin Law Group, PA | USA | 21 Sep 2015

Court excludes causation expert who did not personally inspect property

In most first-party property insurance disputes, experts are frequently required to provide opinions and testimony on the cost to repair a property…

Merlin Law Group, PA | USA | 20 Sep 2015

Carriers can't hide behind laundry list of requested items and avoid the Texas Prompt Payment Act

After a claim is filed, the insurance company is certainly entitled to receive from a policyholder reasonable information that the insurance company…

Merlin Law Group, PA | USA | 19 Sep 2015

Governor Cuomo signed bill into law on November 21st allowing appraisals in New York to determine "scope of loss" - part 2

Earlier this year, I wrote about a consumer friendly bill signed into law in New York allowing the "scope of loss" to be determined by appraisal. I…

Merlin Law Group, PA | USA | 18 Sep 2015

Multiple proofs of loss may be required in flood claims (and it's time for some football!)

The NFL season is finally upon us. I hope you took time this weekend to watch some football. If you watched the Kansas City Chiefs beat up on the…

Merlin Law Group, PA | USA | 17 Sep 2015

Adjustment time and wrongful denial considered in period of restoration

In United Land Investors, Inc. v. Northern Ins. Co., 476 So.2d 432 (La App 2d Cir, 1985), the plaintiff’s restaurant was damaged by fire in November…

Merlin Law Group, PA | USA | 16 Sep 2015

Insurance companies always fight requests for production of internal claims management objectives and goals

Many policyholders think that insurance company adjusters get an individual bonus on each claim for paying less than a certain amount. They distrust…

Merlin Law Group, PA | USA | 15 Sep 2015

Governor Cuomo asks HUD to waive DOB for Sandy victims

On August 13th, Governor Cuomo asked U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro to waive the Duplications of benefits regulation for…

Merlin Law Group, PA | USA | 14 Sep 2015

Insurance appraisal called "almost perfect method" of alternative dispute resolution

Law professor Johnny C. Parker recently published a law review article, Understanding The Insurance Policy Appraisal Clause: A Four-Step Program…
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