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With a strong history and regional presence, GENI & KEBE has the capacity to serve effectively the needs of clients in a globalised world. Our lawyers…
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Geni & Kebe SCP | Senegal | 7 May 2021

The Mining Law Review: Senegal


Geni & Kebe SCP | Nigeria | 16 Apr 2019

Benin adopts a new petroleum act

Following the footsteps of neighbor West African countries, Benin adopted in January 2019 a new Petroleum Act. The new Act was highly expected…

Geni & Kebe SCP | Senegal | 22 Mar 2019

Recruitment of Expatriate Workers in Senegal - Terms and Conditions

Labour legislation in Senegal recognises the right of any employer to hire expatriate staff. Even if there is no provision mentioning it, in practice…

Geni & Kebe SCP | Senegal | 20 Feb 2019

New Petroleum Code for Senegal: An overview of the major innovations

On 24 January 2019, Senegal adopted the bill repealing the 1998 Petroleum Code and replacing Law No. 98-05 of 8 January 1998. On the same date, it…

Geni & Kebe SCP | Ivory Coast | 23 Jan 2019

The New Investment Code in Cote d'Ivoire: A focus on key innovations

Cote d'Ivoire has adopted a new investment code through Ordinance No. 2018-646 of 1 August 2018. This text repeals Ordinance No. 2012-487 of 7 June…

Geni & Kebe SCP | Africa | 13 Dec 2018

The attractiveness of the new OHADA Arbitration Act

A year ago, OHADA adopted a new Uniform Arbitration Act, repealing the previous Uniform Act dated 11 March 1997. This reform is part of an effort…

Geni & Kebe SCP | Democratic Republic of Congo | 25 Apr 2018

DRC: the innovations of the amended Mining Code

The development of the mining sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which was anticipated through the adoption of the 2002 Mining Code to…

Geni & Kebe SCP | Ivory Coast | 16 Jun 2017

Issues, challenges and opportunities in the real estate and housing sector in Côte d’Iviore

For many years, population growth, combined with sustained urbanization, has created enormous needs in all sectors, including the housing sector, in…

Geni & Kebe SCP | Africa | 9 Jun 2017

Merger and acquisition transactions under OHADA law

Economic drivers combined with globalisation and the urgent needs for companies to increase their market share are increasingly pushing them to enter…

Geni & Kebe SCP | Senegal | 7 Feb 2017

Senegal passes new mining code

Parliament of Senegal passed a new Mining Code, No. 27/2016 on the Mining Code yesterday (30 October 2016). The new Mining Code (new Code) will apply…
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