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Afridi & Angell | Singapore, United Arab Emirates | 11 Feb 2020

Interim relief prior to starting arbitrations under the Federal Arbitration Law: A note on recent experiences

Afridi & Angell was recently successful in obtaining interim orders from the Dubai Courts attaching bank guarantees pending commencement of


Afridi & Angell | United Arab Emirates | 2 Feb 2020

The New DIFC Leasing Law

On 11 January 2020 a new leasing law was introduced in the Dubai International Financial Centre, Law 1 of 2020 (the New Law); and on 14 January 2020


Afridi & Angell | USA, Iran | 21 Jan 2020

Sanctions on the Rise

Now, more than ever, sanctions lists are growing daily, and therefore navigating the challenges related to compliance is becoming more complex. In the


Afridi & Angell | United Arab Emirates, India | 20 Jan 2020

Enforcement of UAE Judgments in India - Update

The UAE has treaties with several countries for judicial co-operation and the mutual recognition and enforcement of judgments. These include Tunisia


Afridi & Angell | United Arab Emirates | 15 Jan 2020

DIFC Workplace Savings Scheme (with effect from 1 February 2020)

On 14 January 2020, the Employment Law Amendment Law (DIFC Law 4 of 2020) and the Employment Regulations (the Amendment) were enacted. The Amendment


Afridi & Angell | United Arab Emirates | 19 Dec 2019

Slightly more clarity: Economic Substance Regulations in the DIFC

The DIFC has provided slightly more clarity as to how UAE Cabinet Decision 31 of 2019 (the Economic Substance Regulations, or ESR) will apply within


Afridi & Angell | United Arab Emirates | 12 Dec 2019

The use of experts in the UAE municipal courts: Seven things you need to know

There is a high possibility that you will have to present your case to an expert: Although the appointment of experts is more likely in disputes


Afridi & Angell | United Arab Emirates | 27 Nov 2019

Off-Plan Construction Delays: Options for Resolution in Dubai

By and large the Dubai offplan real estate market is well regulated and developers complete construction by the “anticipated completion date” as set


Afridi & Angell | United Arab Emirates | 28 Oct 2019

Regulatory Authorities to regulate Relevant Activities in accordance with Economic Substance Regulations announced

Further to our previous inBrief dated 7 July 2019, which discussed UAE Cabinet Resolution 31 of 2019 Concerning Economic Substance Regulations (the


Afridi & Angell | United Arab Emirates | 23 Oct 2019

Emirates Development Bank appointed to maintain Register of Finance Leases

Pursuant to UAE Federal Cabinet Resolution No. 56 of 2019, Emirates Development Bank has been appointed to maintain the register of

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