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What­ev­er your busi­ness, we take it seri­ous­ly. We’re not here to tell you about legal tech­ni­cal­i­ties. Our job is to put our­selves in your…

Swaab | Australia | 15 Apr 2019

The construction industry, current state of play in NSW

There has been a flood of articles and commentary from all corners of the construction industry since the highly publicised ​‘Opal Towers’ incident…

Swaab | Australia | 9 Apr 2019

Priority Notices: Prudent or Impractical?

With the deadline for mandatory e-conveyancing fast approaching, conveyancing in New South Wales has unequivocally entered the digital age. And while…

Swaab | Australia | 8 Apr 2019

Unfair Dismissal - Confidentiality no excuse for failure to consult on redundancy

A recent decision in the Fair Work Commission has shone a light on a dilemma which employers face when managing redundancies in the context of a…

Swaab | Australia | 8 Apr 2019

A Will with no beneficiaries? An expensive mistake

Consulting a lawyer might seem expensive to some. A defective Will, however, can prove even more costly…

Swaab | Australia | 25 Mar 2019

Superannuation and relationship breakdown

The Australian Financial Review recently ran an opinion piece (by Tim Mackay) on the ATO announcing that it is using a ​"top 100 SMSF" list to…

Swaab | Australia | 21 Mar 2019

A Caveat on Caveats

When used correctly, caveats can be an important ally in your security arsenal…

Swaab | Australia | 12 Mar 2019

You gotta have faith: good faith and determinations under the SOP Act

The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payments Act 1999 (NSW) (SOP Act) provides a statutory entitlement to progress payments…

Swaab | Australia | 11 Mar 2019

Home owners: what to do about defects

It seems a straightforward arrangement, a builder is contracted to build a residential building. They build it and hand it over to its owners…

Swaab | Australia | 7 Mar 2019

International Women’s Day 2019: Reflections by the (female) lawyers of Swaab

The gender pay gap for full time workers in Australia is currently 14.1%, but this number does not tell the entire story…

Swaab | Australia | 5 Mar 2019

Murder and inheritance - the $40 bottle of wine story

Everybody knows the basic rule - a person must not kill another. When it comes to dealing with the estates of victims of an unlawful killing, that…
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