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Our Philosophy We believe in securing well-fortified, cost optimised IPR for our clients and strive ceaselessly towards that end. Our approach is…

RK Dewan & Co | India | 25 Jan 2021

India: trade marks, its uses, and registration at a Glance

What is a Trade Mark? A Trade Mark (popularly known as brand name) is a visual symbol which may be a word, signature, name, device, label, numerals or…

RK Dewan & Co | India | 22 Jan 2021

How important is ph 5.5

Gone are the days, when a certain class of consumers referred to all kinds of toothpaste as Colgate, all detergents as Surf, and noodles as Maggi…

RK Dewan & Co | China | 21 Jan 2021

No one messes with Qiaodan

World-renowned NBA player Michael Jordan was recently awarded damages worth $46,000 (RMB300,000) as emotional damages along with $7,600 (RMB50,000) as…

RK Dewan & Co | India | 20 Jan 2021

Statement of Working Requirements (Form 27) and the changes affected by the amendment of Patent Rules in October 2020.

By a Gazette notification dated 20th October, 2020, the Government of India has amended the Statement of Working Requirements to be submitted in…

RK Dewan & Co | USA | 19 Jan 2021

INSTA- FRAUD Instagram ‘Copyright Infringement’

Every new day brings with it a new ray of hope or scam! The latest addition to the list of scams is the Instagram Copyright Scam. What is the…

RK Dewan & Co | India | 18 Jan 2021

Aquariums or Phone booths or Both?

Nobuki Yamamoto, a Japanese artist, was the first to put old telephone booths to use by converting them into 'fish aquariums' and adding features such…

RK Dewan & Co | India | 15 Jan 2021

Trademarks- Use before you fight for them!

Cremo S. A., a company established in Switzerland in 1927 is engaged in innovating processes, and marketing consumer dairy products under the brand…

RK Dewan & Co | India | 14 Jan 2021

Lyrics + Music = Sound Recording

The High Court of Delhi recently passed a single order in two cases clarifying its position on communication of a sound recording to the public…

RK Dewan & Co | India | 14 Jan 2021

No Safe Haven if you infringe Blue Heaven’s IP

Blue Heaven Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. (Blue Heaven) is engaged in manufacturing and selling cosmetics under the brand "Blue Heaven". Its predecessors…

RK Dewan & Co | China | 12 Jan 2021

Lego at loggerheads against Chinese copycat lepin

The popular toys brand LEGO recently won a major intellectual property lawsuit against a huge counterfeiter LEPIN in China. LEGO was recognized as a…
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