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Scott & Scott, LLP recognized as USA – Full Service Technology Law Firm of the Year, 2017 by ACQ5’s Law Award. A national boutique intellectual…

Scott & Scott, LLP | Canada, USA | 30 Jan 2019

The need for United States and Canadian Businesses to have a GDPR Compliance Initiative in place is paramount

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective on May 25, 2018 (the "Effective Date"). GDPR is the widest sweeping privacy regulation…

Scott & Scott, LLP | USA | 4 Jan 2019

New ILMT Policy Could Increase Financial Exposure in IBM Audits

IBM may be making it more difficult for IBM customers to qualify for sub-capacity licensing in virtualized environments…

Scott & Scott, LLP | USA | 10 Oct 2018

Key Components of Software Audit Response Policies

Software audits are significant legal and financial risks for all companies. With more and more software publishers utilizing intrusive audits and…

Scott & Scott, LLP | USA | 8 Oct 2018

Autodesk audits: How did Autodesk know to audit you and what to do now?

Facing a software audit is a daunting process, which takes time, money, and resources to complete. Typically, the first question the target of an…

Scott & Scott, LLP | USA | 8 May 2018

SAP Introduces New Pricing Model for Indirect Access

In response to continued customer concerns about how to license for access to SAP products by third parties or by processes, SAP announced that it was…

Scott & Scott, LLP | USA | 18 Apr 2018

Don’t Jeopardize Your Release of Liability! Complete post-settlement obligations

As software audits increasingly become a way for software publishers to increase revenue, it is more important than ever to ensure that after a…

Scott & Scott, LLP | USA | 29 Jan 2018

Three Actions Oracle Customers Should Take at the End of a ULA

Of the many complex licensing arrangements Oracle offers to its customers, none seem to generate as much confusion and consternation as the Unlimited…

Scott & Scott, LLP | USA | 17 Jan 2018

Fundamentals of Software Audit Data Collection - Hardware Inventory

In order to effectively manage their software usage and to mitigate compliance exposure, companies need to know how to gather and analyze information…

Scott & Scott, LLP | USA | 28 Dec 2017

What is a Microsoft SPLA Verified Self-Audit?

A newer audit model Microsoft launched is the SPLA certified self-assessment. Unlike an independent audit, the self-assessment process does not…

Scott & Scott, LLP | USA | 6 Dec 2017

How to respond to a VMware Audit

Managing a complex IT environment very challenging, even before becoming involved in an external software audit from a software publisher or a…
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