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IAM | USA | 12 Feb 2020

How cannabis companies are using cross-industry innovation to solve their R&D issues

In a previous article, we discussed how patent data can help R&D teams to gain significant insight into parallel industries, which they can use to


IAM | USA | 12 Feb 2020

Tech tools to draft patent applications could revolutionise IP proceedings

Highly skilled patent professionals carry out the predominantly manual task of drafting a patent application, which involves the use of set phrases


IAM | Australia | 12 Feb 2020

Who is leading the AI chips IP race? Best practice in IP management

AI and its diverse applications (eg, machine learning and deep learning) have seen significant market growth in the past decade and are on the cusp


IAM | European Union | 12 Feb 2020

Takeda case study clarifies extensions to patent protection for pharmaceutical products

In many jurisdictions, the statutory term for patent protection can be extended under certain circumstances in order to compensate for time lost due


IAM | USA | 12 Feb 2020

The future of 5G patent licensing

Most industry experts predict that licensing 5G patents will be more complex than in earlier generations such as 3G or 4G


IAM | Russia, Eurasia | 12 Feb 2020

Unity of invention requirements: Russia versus Eurasia

According to Russian and Eurasian patent regulations, an application must relate to one invention or a group of inventions. In the latter case, all


IAM | China | 12 Feb 2020

Trademark squatters get smarter in China - a look at the latest tactics

Trademark squatting has been a constant concern for foreign companies trying to enter the Chinese market


IAM | USA, European Union | 10 Feb 2020

The six big ways the US and Europe differ on software patents

The USPTO and EPO do not see software-related inventions in the same way. NLO attorneys Marta Alvarez Guede and Katelyn Bernier highlight what


IAM | USA, China | 8 Feb 2020

The inconvenient truth is that the West gifted China its 5G leadership

The Trump administration finally seems to have woken up to the fact that for some inexplicable reason the West has allowed the Chinese to gain a


IAM | United Kingdom, European Union | 6 Feb 2020

Key takeaways from IAM’s 2020 Pharma and Biotech IP event

Last week, leading life sciences IP professionals from around the world gathered at The Bloomsbury in London for IAM’s fourth annual Pharma and

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