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HopgoodGanim Lawyers is a full-service commercial law firm which also houses one of Australia’s largest family law practices. Our firm has 44 partners…

HopgoodGanim | Australia | 22 Feb 2021

Don’t find fault, find a remedy - Proposed changes to Australia’s continuous disclosure laws

Henry Ford purportedly coined the phrase “don’t find fault, find a remedy”. However, shareholders seeking a remedy in civil actions for a company’s…

HopgoodGanim | Australia | 18 Feb 2021

Changes to director resignations: Improving the accountability of resigning directors

From today, 18 February 2021, important changes commence in relation to whether and when a resignation by a director (or alternate director) takes…

HopgoodGanim | Australia | 18 Feb 2021

Support persons, disciplinary/performance meetings and reasonable management action - Employers top questions answered

There are many factors the Fair Work Commission considers when determining if a dismissal was unfair. One consideration is if the employer…

HopgoodGanim | Australia | 12 Feb 2021

Change applications - The power of conditions

A recent decision of the Planning and Environment Court addresses an interesting question - can the Court approve a change to a development approval…

HopgoodGanim | Australia | 8 Feb 2021

Challenge to ERC Calculator — Land Court confirms strict application is not required

Century Mining Limited (Century) owns and cooperates the Century Mine in North-West Queensland, which is an open-cut zinc and lead mine which ceased…

HopgoodGanim | Australia | 4 Feb 2021

Second review of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth)

The EPBC Act requires that an independent review must be undertaken at least once every ten years to examine the operation of the EPBC Act and the…

HopgoodGanim | Australia | 4 Feb 2021

High Court sends New Acland Project back to the Land Court

Yesterday, the High Court of Australia handed down its decision in the long running New Acland saga. Despite the Queensland Court of Appeal finding…

HopgoodGanim | Australia | 4 Feb 2021

GME GME GME a market after midnight (NYSE:GME) — Part three: Regulation of short selling in Australia

In the first article in this series of publications, we discussed the possibility of a "short squeeze" contributing to the meteoric rise of the stock…

HopgoodGanim | Australia | 3 Feb 2021

Don’t hate the player, hate the GameStop (NYSE:GME) — Part two: A case of mistaken identity?

On Thursday, 28 January 2021, the share price and volume of GME Resources Limited (GME Resources), a small Australian mining company, rocketed. This…

HopgoodGanim | Australia | 2 Feb 2021

Can’t stop, won’t stop… GameStop (NYSE:GME)? Part one: Securities regulation of Australian internet discussion sites

It is safe to say that publishing an article about a video-game retailer headquartered in the United States, GameStop Corp. (NYSE:GME) (GameStop) and…
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