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BDK Advokati (BDK) is a full-service law firm with offices in Belgrade (Serbia), Podgorica (Montenegro) and Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The…

BDK Advokati | European Union, Serbia | 21 May 2021

Serbian businesses should prepare for human rights, environmental, and good governance due diligence

Serbia does not yet have legislation requiring its companies and other businesses to…

BDK Advokati | Austria, European Union | 20 May 2021

Supervisory authority and court disagree on freedom of expression vs. data protection

On 20 November 2020, the Austrian Federal Administrative Court issued a judgement. Contrary to the decision of the Data Protection Authority (“DPA“)…

BDK Advokati | Serbia | 19 May 2021

Green house gases on the radar: New permitting requirements in sight

The Serbian Parliament has enacted the Climate Change Act with a view to further harmonize its legislation with its obligations under the United…

BDK Advokati | Serbia | 11 May 2021

Is tax brawl between the government and freelancers about to end?

On 21 April 2021, the Serbian Government announced that it has reached a final deal with a group representing interests of freelance internet workers…

BDK Advokati | Serbia | 5 May 2021

Can a fixed-term employee be declared redundant under Serbian law?

The provision of the Labour Act allowing termination for redundancy does not distinguish between fixed-term and permanent employees. The distinction…

BDK Advokati | Serbia | 26 Apr 2021

National Bank of Serbia refines its position on the permissibility of pledge on local receivables as security for claims of foreign creditors against Serbian debtors

Last week, we critically commented on the NBS’s interpretation of the Serbian Foreign Exchange Act with respect to the permissibility of pledge on…

BDK Advokati | Serbia | 14 Apr 2021

National Bank of Serbia risks own goal with the new position on cross-border secured transactions

The National Bank of Serbia (“NBS“) released interpretative guidance regarding the application of the foreign exchange regulations on certain…

BDK Advokati | European Union, Netherlands | 13 Apr 2021

How far can a data controller go in relying on “legal obligation” (GDPR Art. 6.1(c))?

The Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal, in the Netherlands, recently issued a decision concerning compliance with a legal obligation as legal basis…

BDK Advokati | Netherlands | 7 Apr 2021

Dutch court clarifies the limits to the right of access

The Court of Amsterdam rendered on 11 March 2021 the decision in a proceeding initiated against Uber for an alleged failure to observe the data…

BDK Advokati | European Union, Serbia | 26 Mar 2021

New rules on regional state aid in Serbia

The Government of Serbia adopted on 11 March 2021 two new bylaws under the State Aid Control Act (Zakon o kontroli državne pomoći, Official Gazette…
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