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BDK Advokati | Serbia, European Union | 6 Feb 2020

Serbia Modernizes its trademark law

As of the 1st of February, a new Trademarks Act applies in Serbia. The Act introduces a significant number of changes in the Serbian Trademark Law


BDK Advokati | Serbia | 5 Feb 2020

Tax treatment of director’s agreement under Serbian law - are tax inspectors overstepping their authority?

A number of corporates whose directors are not employed but engaged on no-remuneration management contracts have reported unusual requests by tax


BDK Advokati | Serbia, European Union | 28 Jan 2020

Serbia gets its standard contractual clauses

Serbian Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection (“Commissioner”) issued on 16 January 2020 the long-awaited


BDK Advokati | USA | 27 Jan 2020

Serbia: Employee stock options in limited liability companies

Serbia has recently amended the Companies’ Act to introduce a legal framework for employee stock option plans (“ESOPs“) in limited liability


BDK Advokati | Montenegro | 21 Jan 2020

New Labour Act in Montenegro

New Montenegrin Labour Act introduces important changes to the regulation of employment


BDK Advokati | Serbia | 26 Dec 2019

Serbia: Employer’s obligation to fund the cost of commute

Employees in Serbia have been traditionally entitled by law to reimbursement of costs of commuting to and from work in the amount capped at the price


BDK Advokati | Serbia | 17 Dec 2019

Serbian Staff Leasing Act - catching up with reality

Despite ideological and legal differences between the social partners (employers’ and trade unions) that emerged in the course of its drafting, the


BDK Advokati | Serbia | 3 Dec 2019

Tax reform to affect Serbian IT industry

The Serbian government has sent to the National Assembly a bill on the amendments to the personal income tax and social contributions laws


BDK Advokati | Serbia | 28 Nov 2019

Serbian Ministry of Finance clarifies that there is no withholding tax on payments on a notional principal under interest rate swaps

The Ministry of Finance has finally reversed its own 2007 opinion which incorrectly held that gross payments on a notional amount under an interest


BDK Advokati | Serbia, European Union | 5 Nov 2019

Serbia has new State Aid Control Act

The Serbian National Assembly enacted on 10 October 2019 the new State Aid Control Act, which will become applicable only on 1 January 2020 (with the

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