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CPR | USA | 28 Oct 2015

Landmark decision on arbitral immunity: the risk of sanctions for lawsuits against arbitrators

Most international Arbitration Rules provide that an arbitrator and the arbitral institution shall not be liable for any act or omission in…

CPR | USA | 16 Oct 2015

CFPB decision implicitly recognizes arbitration as legitimate alternative to litigation

There has been much focus over the past years on mandatory arbitration clauses combined with class action waiver provisions that preclude parties…

CPR | USA | 1 Sep 2015

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and the future of the law

Commercial transactions routinely circle the globe in milliseconds. But if a problem arises, resolutions are still largely tied to paper-bound…

CPR | USA | 3 Aug 2015

Steering from your chair: why in-house counsel are uniquely positioned to drive ADR solutions—and how to do so effectively

To exploit being thus situated to greatest effect, recognize and take advantage of your strongest tools:..

CPR | USA | 30 Jul 2015

Selecting party-appointed arbitrators through a screened selection process: the best of both worlds

Every law student learns in the first few weeks of an alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) seminar that one advantage of arbitration over…

CPR | USA | 28 Jul 2015

Getting to yes … or no: dispute resolution that really resolves disputes

Show of hands: How many people reading this are old enough to remember when civil litigation actually resolved disputes? Okay, sure, there are…

CPR | USA | 1 Jul 2015

Get back – return arbitration to its ADR roots

Arbitration has become a warmed‐over version of litigation, rather than the truly alternative procedure it once was. While there are still creative…

CPR | Global | 1 Jul 2015

Your first international arbitration: the do’s and the don’ts

A U.S. litigator, even one with extensive domestic arbitration experience, will quickly discover in her first international arbitration that she is…

CPR | Global, USA | 23 Jun 2015

Incentives for outside counsel to embrace dispute resolution options

Corporate clients rely on a diverse toolkit of techniques and options beyond litigation – ranging from negotiation, mediation and arbitration to…

CPR | Global | 20 May 2015

Important trends in international dispute resolution

Business is global. Dispute resolution is global. Trends that originate in one jurisdiction can, and often do, have an impact around the world. To…
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