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Nossaman LLP is an innovative national law firm with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, Washington, DC…

Nossaman LLP | USA | 3 Mar 2021

Compliance Notes - Vol. 2, Issue 9

Welcome to Compliance Notes from Nossaman’s Government Relations & Regulation Group - a periodic digest of the headlines, statutory and regulatory…

Nossaman LLP | USA | 2 Mar 2021

Many Opposing Views on California’s New Water Futures Market

As of December 7, 2020, water has been included as a traded commodity on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (“the Merc”). According to a recent Chicago…

Nossaman LLP | USA | 24 Feb 2021

Compliance Notes - Vol. 2, Issue 8

A federal judge in Los Angeles sentenced Imaad Zuberi to 12 years in prison for a straw donor and foreign influence scheme, which included a $900,000…

Nossaman LLP | USA | 23 Feb 2021

Cybersecurity Update for Water Systems

Following up on our December 2020 post regarding the SolarWinds cybersecurity breach, we wanted to provide a link to the February 11, 2021 joint…

Nossaman LLP | USA | 23 Feb 2021

What can I do when the Perfect Case is Unpublished?

Sometimes there is a case that seems to perfectly address the legal issue you are trying to make and the facts line up, but the case is unpublished…

Nossaman LLP | USA | 22 Feb 2021

Is The God Squad Heading Toward Extinction?

In the 1978 amendments to the Endangered Species Act (ESA), Congress created the Endangered Species Act Committee, also know as the “God Squad.” The…

Nossaman LLP | USA | 18 Feb 2021

North Carolina Commission Recommends P3s as a Tool to Address Transportation Infrastructure Needs

State departments of transportation across the country currently find themselves at a cross-roads where traditional sources of infrastructure funding…

Nossaman LLP | USA | 18 Feb 2021

The Biden Administration’s Potential Impact on Health Care

Congress and the Biden Administration are grappling with an economic stimulus bill that will touch many segments of American life, including health…

Nossaman LLP | USA | 17 Feb 2021

Compliance Notes - Vol. 2, Issue 7

California: On Thursday, February 18, the FPPC is set to adopt a package of regulations implementing the new law imposing default contribution limits…

Nossaman LLP | USA | 16 Feb 2021

Can and Should Employers Require Employees to Take a COVID-19 Vaccine?

As pandemic restrictions begin to lift and the prospect of employees returning to the workplace becomes a reality, many employers are wondering…
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