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Multilaw | India | 5 Jun 2019

India - foreign filing licenses - timeline and strategy

Indian patent law does not permit the filing of patent applications outside the territory of India unless a patent application is filed in India first…

Multilaw | European Union, Italy | 13 May 2019

EU regulator issues new rules on use of technology in banking and fintech

On February 25, 2019, the European Banking Authority (EBA) published its final Guidelines on outsourcing (Guidelines) to ensure that sound risk…
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Multilaw | Austria, Global | 18 Apr 2019

Leading Austrian Firm Herbst Kinsky joins Multilaw

We are delighted to announce that Herbst Kinsky has joined Multilaw to be the member firm for Austria. Herbst Kinsky, founded in 2005, is a full…

Multilaw | Poland | 28 Feb 2019

How about filmmaking in Poland? The brand new Polish law on financial incentives for film producers

Poland has always been known of its cinematographic heritage. The styles and trends of both the Polish film school and the 'cinema of moral anxiety'…

Multilaw | Romania | 27 Feb 2019

New fiscal regulations impacting on the gambling industry

Whenever the authorities contemplate raising taxes or introducing new ones to close state budget gaps, they usually look to the Gambling Industry…
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Multilaw | Global | 14 Feb 2019

Multilaw awarded Elite network status by Chambers Global Guide 2019

Today Chambers Global released their annual rankings for Global Law Firm Networks and for the fifth year in succession Multilaw has achieved 'Elite'…

Multilaw | European Union, Germany, United Kingdom | 6 Feb 2019

"The End is Near" - the collapse of UK Limiteds in Germany with the Brexit

The forthcoming Brexit is likely to seal the end of a legal form which, as a result of some decisions of the European Court of Justice between 1999…

Multilaw | Spain | 8 Nov 2018

A brief note on implementation of the Cape Town Convention in Spain

Spain has implemented the Convention on international interests in Mobile equipment (hereinafter, Cape Town Convention) effective on the 1 March 2016…

Multilaw | Malaysia | 4 Oct 2018

Repeal Of The Goods And Services Tax Act 2014

On 28.8.2018, the following five Acts were gazetted with effect from 1.9.2018, namely: Goods and Services Tax (Repeal) Act 2018; Sales Tax Act 2018…

Multilaw | Romania | 26 Sep 2018

The online environment still is a challenge for the Romanian tax legislation: Case study on income from gambling

Starting March 23rd, 2018, for revenues earned by individuals from online gambling activities, the tax due is computed and withheld for each transfer…
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