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AMERELLER is an international law firm with comprehensive corporate and commercial law and dispute resolution offerings tailored to the Middle East…

Amereller | United Arab Emirates | 11 Jul 2021

UAE における外国法人支店の国民代理人(スポンサー)の解任につ いて

執筆者:クリストファー・ガンソン、ヨハン・ミュラック、ジョナサン・P・ノーブル、アマル・ジ ャムカ UAE に登録している外国法人の支店は、…

Amereller | United Arab Emirates | 6 Jul 2021

Practical Issues on the Abu Dhabi and Dubai 100% FDI List

In the latest development in the UAE foreign investment liberalization saga, the Federal Cabinet has authorized each Emirate to determine which…

Amereller | United Arab Emirates | 2 Jul 2021

Removal of National Service Agent ("Sponsors") for Branch Offices of Foreign Companies in the UAE

The branch offices of foreign companies registered in the UAE previously required a national service agent, often referred to as a “sponsor.” The…

Amereller | Sudan | 31 May 2021

Sudan’s New Investment Environment in Sudan: Towards Reintegration into the International Economy

On May 17th, 2021, France hosted a business forum on Sudan, marking Sudan’s removal from the US State Sponsors of Terrorism List, which will Allow the…

Amereller | Tunisia | 29 Apr 2021

Arbitration Agreements with Tunisian Parties - a Primer

Tunisia generally has a well-developed framework for international Arbitration. Nevertheless, there are some specificities international Parties tend…

Amereller | United Arab Emirates | 20 Apr 2021

UAE会社法の2020年改正と新しい外資規制 2021年3月27日からの新体制

AMERELLER(アマレラー法律 事務所)は1999年に設立され た、数少ない中東地域に特化 した国際法律事務所である…

Amereller | United Arab Emirates | 29 Mar 2021

UAE Onshore Company Structuring

Effective 27 March 2021, Article 10 of UAE Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 Regarding Commercial Companies (the “Companies Law”) will be Amended to create a…

Amereller | Iraq | 8 Mar 2021

Iraq Ratifies New York Convention of 1958

On 4 March 2021, the Iraqi Parliament ratified its accession to the New York Convention by passing the "Law on the Accession of the Republic of Iraq…

Amereller | Germany, Middle East | 5 Mar 2021

Das Lieferkettengesetz was heißt das im Nahostgeschäft?

Am 3. März 2021 hat die Bundesregierung den Entwurf eines Lieferkettengesetzes verabschiedet, das von 2023 an deutsche Unternehmen zu konkreten…

Amereller | European Union, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom | 23 Feb 2021

クライアント・アラート:国際契約書における英国法及 び英国裁判所の選択-中東から見た Brexit 前と後

現在の英・欧州連合(EU)間の、2020 年離脱協定に基づく移行期間は、2020 年 12 月 31 日に終了する。本記事では、Brexit がもたらす…
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