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We are Rosling King, a leading City of London law firm, offering specialist legal expertise of the highest calibre to commercial clients…

Rosling King LLP | United Kingdom | 29 Jan 2020

The Court of Appeal confirms that a Part 36 offer that excludes interest is not a valid Part 36 offer

The substantive litigation was settled by a consent order in which costs were to be assessed if not agreed on the standard basis. The Claimant served…

Rosling King LLP | United Kingdom | 20 Dec 2019

Service of proceedings by Facebook Messenger; Flickr account; letters to Anguilla; Personal website; LinkedIn - anything else?

Lonestar Communications Corp LLC (the “Claimant”) issued a claim for damages against five defendants, resulting from the tort of unlawful conspiracy…

Rosling King LLP | United Kingdom | 18 Dec 2019

Has time run out? Valuations, Misrepresentations and Limitation

The Claimants, Mr Howard and Mrs Pate, brought a claim against the Bank of Scotland plc (t/a Halifax). In 2007, the Claimants were looking to…

Rosling King LLP | United Kingdom | 17 Dec 2019

The High Court considers when it is appropriate to permit a party to withdraw an admission made in its defence

In a recent decision forming part of a wider saga of ongoing litigation surrounding Tesco’s 2014 Accounting scandal, the High Court dismissed Tesco’s…

Rosling King LLP | United Kingdom | 5 Dec 2019

The Court makes a non-party costs order against a liquidator’s firm

The Second Claimant (“Mr Hunt”) was appointed liquidator of the First Claimant (“BHUK”) on 11 December 2012. The action against the Defendant was…

Rosling King LLP | United Kingdom | 2 Dec 2019

The Supreme Court assesses reasonableness in the context of lease containing a fully qualified covenant

In order to consider the recent Supreme Court decision in Sequent Nominees Ltd (formerly Rotrust Nominees Ltd) v Hautford Ltd, it is useful to first…

Rosling King LLP | United Kingdom | 20 Nov 2019

The Supreme Court clarifies the Quincecare duty of care

Singularis Holdings Ltd (“Singularis”) was a company set up to manage the personal assets of Mr Al Sanea, who was its sole shareholder and one of its…

Rosling King LLP | United Kingdom | 12 Nov 2019

Obtaining Default Judgment against litigants in person

The Claimant is a solicitor who previously acted on behalf of Linacre College within the University of Oxford (the “University”). The Defendant was a…

Rosling King LLP | United Kingdom | 11 Nov 2019

Possession or no possession? Who wants to be a Receiver?

Mr & Mrs Menon (the “Menons”) charged their residential property in West London to Bank of Singapore Limited (the “Bank”) in March 2014. The legal…

Rosling King LLP | United Kingdom | 6 Nov 2019

The Court uses its wide discretion in making a non-party costs order

The First to Third Defendants were former directors and/or shareholders of the Claimant companies. In or around July 2007, the First Defendant (“Mr…
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