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Ford & Harrison LLP | USA | 19 Feb 2020

How Parasite’s Unprecedented Oscars Win Is a Reflection of the War Against Misclassification

I get it. My last name is Kim. My appearance, as those of you who haven’t met me can tell by my photo, confirms it


Ford & Harrison LLP | USA | 17 Feb 2020

Recent Changes to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) May Require Employers to Revisit Their Privacy Notice as It Relates to Employees

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which took effect earlier this year, has left many employers in the Golden State scrambling


Ford & Harrison LLP | USA | 13 Feb 2020

Is the Gig Economy on Life Support? New York Proposes Process for Sweeping Changes to Worker Classification

In his 2020 budget proposal, Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed creating a 9-member marketplace worker classification task


Ford & Harrison LLP | USA | 12 Feb 2020

Dress Code Tips Inspired by JLo and Shakira’s Halftime Performance

Is it just me, or has JLo and Shakira’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl received more attention than the game itself? As with so many other


Ford & Harrison LLP | USA | 6 Feb 2020

NYS DOH Responds In Q&A to Joint Employer Questions and Reveals the Challenge A Fiscal Intermediary Faces in Obtaining an Offer For A Contract in the State's CDPAP

In our December 23, 2019 Legal Alert we reported that the NYS Department of Health’s (“DOH”) Request for Offers (“RFO”) required a


Ford & Harrison LLP | USA | 5 Feb 2020

Perhaps Silicon Valley’s Pied Piper Could Use Good Employment Counsel

I am currently bingeing my way through HBO’s Silicon Valley after not having watched the show for several years (I’ve always found it entertaining


Ford & Harrison LLP | USA | 4 Feb 2020

Employers Should be Prepared to Deal with Coronavirus

With the worldwide cases of coronavirus tripling in the past week, and the eleventh case confirmed in the United States, U.S


Ford & Harrison LLP | USA | 3 Feb 2020

Immigration Update - USCIS Releases New Form I-9

USCIS has announced it has published a New Form I-9, which employers may start using January 31, 2020. The announcement is available at:


Ford & Harrison LLP | USA | 23 Jan 2020

Cedar Rapids: When Business Conference Debauchery Ensues

Anytime employees are sent on business trips, they represent the company. Often, the sanctity of that responsibility is preserved. Other times, it is


Ford & Harrison LLP | USA | 22 Jan 2020

New Registration Process for FY 2021 H-1B Filing Season

A new federal rule has created a new electronic registration process for the annual H-1B lottery. The new electronic registration

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