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EIP is an award-winning specialist patent firm with offices in the UK, Germany and US and combines patent attorneys and litigators to provide clients…

EIP | United Kingdom, USA | 7 Jun 2021

Unwired Planet v Huawei, Standard Essential Patents & the Supreme Court

Listen to the very first Episode of EIP Talks with Legal Commentator, Joshua Rozenberg and Head of Litigation at EIP, Gary Moss. Joshua and Gary…

EIP | United Kingdom | 10 May 2021

No declaration of non-infringement for Oh Polly no matter the colour

Two form of order hearings have taken place in Original Beauty v G4K. In the first one, the Judge heard the Defendants’ request for a declaration of…

EIP | United Kingdom | 27 Apr 2021

Decision in seed drill patent infringement IPEC hearing

Claydon Yield-O-Meter Limited (‘Claydon’) and Mzuri Ltd (‘Mzuri’) both manufacture and sell agricultural equipment, including seed drills. The claim…

EIP | United Kingdom | 27 Apr 2021

Eminem’s First Record Label Fails to Stand Up and Succeed Fully in Damages Claim

Last week, the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (“IPEC”) heard the trial of quantum in the claim between F.B.T. Productions, LLC (“FBT”) and…

EIP | United Kingdom | 26 Apr 2021

World IP Day: How to take your idea to market as an SME

With SMEs Accounting for the majority of businesses worldwide, it is no surprise that we are seeing more and more innovation coming from SME…

EIP | United Kingdom | 12 Apr 2021

UK Court of Appeal hands down judgment in trade mark disputes between Gymnastics associations

The Court of Appeal recently gave its judgment in a trade mark and passing off dispute between British Amateur Gymnastics Association (“BAGA”) and…

EIP | European Union, United Kingdom | 1 Apr 2021

Original Beauty’s originality not passed off by Oh Polly

In Original Beauty v G4K, the High Court takes a closer look at when using someone else’s garment when designing your own stops being a source of…

EIP | United Kingdom | 29 Mar 2021

UK High Court rules that an argument for equivalents needs more than just a “Like” in Facebook v Voxer

At a pre-trial review (“PTR”), heard on 19 March 2021, Lord Justice Birss, sitting down from the Court of Appeal, had to decide whether an…

EIP | European Union | 29 Mar 2021

Rare EPO decision regarding biological deposits and biological material used in an invention being "available to the public"

Article 83 requires the claimed invention to be disclosed in a manner sufficiently clear and complete for it to be carried out by a person skilled in…

EIP | European Union, United Kingdom | 25 Mar 2021

Protecting Artificial Intelligence Inventions in the UK

Last year, the UK IPO called for views on the relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Intellectual Property (IP) system. On 23…
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