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TechInsights | USA | 12 Oct 2016

A renewed focus on patent quality - implications for patent owners

Recent years have seen a transformation in the patent ecosystem. On the patent brokerage side, the market experienced a slowdown, becoming a buyer's…

TechInsights | USA | 23 Oct 2015

How patent sellers can maximise their chances of success

When filing for a patent, the applicant should consider how it can increase the likelihood of the patent being of value in the future. Patent…

TechInsights | USA | 28 Oct 2014

How to build a patent sales programme

Operating a profitable and efficient patent sales programme requires a clear understanding of the patent assets in the portfolio to be monetised, the…

TechInsights | USA | 2 Sep 2013

Patent sales programmes: key issues

A successful patent sales programme must take account of myriad complex factors, including industry dynamics, the buyer ecosystem, and patent and…

TechInsights | Global | 31 Oct 2012

Portfolio monetisation through the divestiture of patent rights

Companies are keener than ever tomonetise their intangible assets by sellingtheir patent rights, but in order to ensurethat the assets’ true value is realised, theyfirst need to put in place a carefullystructured divestiture programme.

TechInsights | Canada | 1 Sep 2009

To lease or not to lease: why selling IP is often the better option

While licensing can help a company to generate revenue, sometimes maintaining patents can be more trouble than they are worth.
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