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Ashfords is a national provider of legal and professional services. We are as ambitious as our clients and thrive on being a part of their success…

Ashfords LLP | United Kingdom | 13 May 2019

Permitted development rights - onwards and upwards!

The Government has this week published its response to the consultation from October 2018 entitled, “Planning Reform: Supporting the High Street and…

Ashfords LLP | United Kingdom | 10 May 2019

A new permitted development right to support housing delivery by extending buildings upwards to create additional new homes

In October 2018 the Government published a consultation entitled “Supporting the high street and increasing the delivery of new homes”. Within that…

Ashfords LLP | United Kingdom | 3 May 2019

Don’t forget to attach (and mention) the terms and conditions!

Is enclosing your terms and conditions during the course of negotiation sufficient for them to be included in the contractual terms? Not necessarily…

Ashfords LLP | United Kingdom | 3 May 2019

Where Angels (or trade mark lawyers?) Fear to Tread

For many years now it has been possible to register “unconventional” marks as registered UK and EU trade marks. Such trade marks are described on…

Ashfords LLP | USA | 2 May 2019

The Insolvency and Corporate Governance Consultation: A Review

The government's response to the recent Insolvency and Corporate Governance Consultation has increased the emphasis on flexibility and the…

Ashfords LLP | United Kingdom | 30 Apr 2019

Fracking: the beginning of the end?

Following the heady days of the introduction of the Infrastructure Act 2015, which gave companies the right to frack under other people's land…

Ashfords LLP | European Union, United Kingdom | 30 Apr 2019

Apprenticeships: Home Grown Talent

For family and owner managed businesses, it is crucial to find innovative ways to incentivise and expand the workforce in order to keep up with the…
Press release

Ashfords LLP | United Kingdom | 29 Apr 2019

Top rankings for Ashfords LLP in the CITMA 2018 trade mark filing figures

Leading law firm Ashfords LLP is proud to have been positioned 63rd in the CITMA 2018 Top 100 UK Trade Mark filers. Ashfords was also positioned 79th…

Ashfords LLP | United Kingdom | 15 Apr 2019

Is time on your side? Issues with ‘time of the essence’ clauses in property contracts

Delays are one of the main sources of dispute amongst parties to property contracts. In clauses where ‘time is of the essence’, failure to perform an…

Ashfords LLP | United Kingdom | 12 Apr 2019

Cvas and “savvy” tenants: points to note for retail landlords

The continuing power shift in commercial Landlord-Tenant relationships in the retail sector has been leaving many a frustrated landlord with…
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