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FTI Consulting Inc | France, USA | 9 Dec 2020

Critères Daubert : quel apport dans le contexte judiciaire français ?

Aux Etats-Unis, l’expertise de partie est strictement contrôlée par les juges depuis la fameuse décision Daubert. Quels sont les enseignements de…

FTI Consulting Inc | Global | 9 Dec 2020

Damages valuation in Climate Change Disputes

The changes in policy, regulation and trade induced by Climate Change and Energy Transition will lead to disruption and material changes on the…

FTI Consulting Inc | France | 9 Dec 2020

Préjudice financier et contexte de taux d’intérêt faibles : la tentation du « WACC »

Dans un contexte de taux d’intérêt faibles, voire négatifs, les demandeurs se refèrent parfois au coût du capital (ou WACC) pour calculer les…

FTI Consulting Inc | Global, USA | 3 Dec 2020

Is There a Ticking Timebomb on Your Balance Sheet?

With so much uncertainty in the world, now is the time to take definite action and address those troublesome contingent liabilities that drag down…

FTI Consulting Inc | United Kingdom | 9 Nov 2020

It's All on You! The Burden of Proof and Records in Construction

The burden of proof to be satisfied in construction matters is in line with civil procedures, namely ‘on the balance of probabilities’. This standard…

FTI Consulting Inc | Global, United Kingdom | 6 Nov 2020

Loss of Productivity in Construction Contracts

Productivity loss claims are one of the biggest issues in construction arbitration and litigation. Whilst there are many factors that cause lost…

FTI Consulting Inc | Qatar | 5 Nov 2020

Water Inflows in Deep Excavations in Karstified Rock

Since the dawn of mankind, underground structures, either natural or manmade, were part of life. From the Eupalinian Aqueduct built in the sixth…

FTI Consulting Inc | Russia, United Kingdom | 30 Oct 2020

Markets-based money laundering - Spotting the signs early

The Russian Laundromat case in which several Russian individuals bought securities through Deutsche Bank's Moscow office and concurrently sold the…

FTI Consulting Inc | United Kingdom | 30 Oct 2020

Forensic due diligence - The profile of a fraudster

Have you ever wondered about the profile of a corporate fraudster and if there are ever any common traits or patterns? Are they generally older or…

FTI Consulting Inc | United Kingdom, USA | 30 Oct 2020

An unpopular perspective: Are the FinCEN files a leak too far?

First a disclosure - I used to be a Nominated Officer at a big bank, and so was `nominated' to receive internal suspicious activity reports (SARs)…
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