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Ius Laboris is a leading international employment law practice combining the world’s leading employment, labour and pension firms. Our role lies in…
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Ius Laboris | USA | 24 Jun 2022

Is there a supply chain due diligence law in the US?

A 2010 Wall Street Reform and consumer protection law requires SEC-listed companies to disclose whether they use ‘conflict minerals’ and whether…
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Ius Laboris | United Kingdom | 24 Jun 2022

Is it there a supply chain due diligence law in UK?

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the 'MSA') contains provisions relating to transparency in supply chains. The MSA requires the annual publication of a…
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Ius Laboris | Germany | 23 Jun 2022

Work-life balance in Germany: what’s changing this summer?

By 2 August 2022, EU member states must implement the Work-Life Balance Directive. In Germany, the big question was whether this would mean Paternity…
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Ius Laboris | Italy | 22 Jun 2022

Post-pandemic ‘smart working’: what has changed in Italy?

Italy has introduced new rights for vulnerable employees and employees with children to work remotely this summer and extended its simplified smart…
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Ius Laboris | Ireland | 21 Jun 2022

Gender pay gap reporting in Ireland: how will it work?

Ireland has introduced new rules setting out how employers need to assess the gender pay gap in their organisations. On 3 June 2022, the Irish…
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Ius Laboris | Global | 20 Jun 2022

Employers ‘of record’

If you need to employ someone in a country in which your business has no base, there could be all sorts of legal and administrative complications…
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Ius Laboris | European Union | 16 Jun 2022

Frontier workers and telework in the EU: new challenges ahead

The COVID-19 crisis provided the world of work with a lot of new challenges. As the post-COVID era is hopefully near, employers will need to…
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Ius Laboris | Spain | 15 Jun 2022

Is Spain about to introduce menstrual leave?

There has been widespread publicity around the possible introduction of 'menstrual leave' in Spain, for workers experiencing painful period symptoms…

Ius Laboris | European Union | 14 Jun 2022

Trying to be balanced

The EU’s work/life balance directive comes into operation in August and so, in this Episode, we take a look at what it says. We also think about…
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Ius Laboris | Germany | 13 Jun 2022

Is a job ad looking for ‘cool guys’ discriminatory?

A German Employment Court has ruled that a job ad ‘looking for cool guys’ (coole Typen) discriminated against a job applicant who identified as…
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