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Ius Laboris | Russia | 10 Jul 2020

Employment contract cannot be linked to service agreement renewal: ruling from Russia

The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation has held that linking the term of an employment contract to a service agreement with a customer is…

Ius Laboris | Denmark | 9 Jul 2020

Don’t forget the right to be forgotten: employer criticised by the Danish DPA

A data controller must, without undue delay, delete the personal data of a data subject if the processing of the data is based on consent and that…

Ius Laboris | India | 9 Jul 2020

Contracts and force majeure during a pandemic: a view from India

As the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic casts a large shadow over commerce and industry, contracts have become difficult or even impossible to perform.

Ius Laboris | Argentina | 8 Jul 2020

What is the state of play on travel and immigration in Argentina right now?

It has been announced that Argentina’s Borders will remain closed until 17 July 2020 inclusive for non-resident foreign nationals. (Decree 274/2020…

Ius Laboris | Canada | 8 Jul 2020

Uber’s international arbitration clause confirmed unfair by Canadian Supreme Court

The Canadian Supreme Court has confirmed that provisions imposed on Uber drivers requiring them to resort to international arbitration in the event…

Ius Laboris | Germany | 7 Jul 2020

Statutory quotas for female board and management representation in Germany: what’s the current status?

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the relapse into traditional gender roles (the woman at home with the children, the man working) has been…

Ius Laboris | Germany | 7 Jul 2020

Pandemiebedingtes Home Office ist keine Betriebsänderung

Im sechsten Corona-Monat befinden sich etwa 25 Prozent aller Arbeitnehmer weiterhin im Home Office. Landesweit arbeiten Unternehmen gleichzeitig an…

Ius Laboris | Russia | 7 Jul 2020

A company still operating can’t dismissal employees on grounds of liquidation: ruling from Russia

The Moscow City Court has ruled that if a company continues operating, the dismissal of its employees on the grounds of liquidation is illegal. A…

Ius Laboris | United Kingdom | 6 Jul 2020

Can UK employers claim the furlough grant while employees are on notice? A crucial question

Can the UK furlough grant be claimed while redundancy consultation is ongoing, or an employee is on notice? Clarification is urgently needed. The UK…
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