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Liedekerke Wolters Waelbroeck Kirkpatrick | Belgium, Democratic Republic of Congo | 14 Dec 2012

Belgium-Democratic Republic of Congo tax treaty reinforces close ties

To strengthen their longstanding economic relationship, Belgium and the Democratic Republic of Congo have signed a tax treaty that will hopefully attract foreign investment to the Democratic Republic of Congo, thereby enhancing its development. The treaty was drafted on the basis of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development model, although a number of treaty provisions deviate......
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Simmons & Simmons LLP | China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Hong Kong | 16 Aug 2011

Controversial ruling sends warning on doing business with governments

Companies that do business with governments or nationalised companies will have more difficulty in enforcing judgments or arbitral awards in Hong Kong following a recent court decision. The Court of Final Appeal has ruled that sovereign immunity applies to states even when they are contracting in a purely commercial capacity.
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