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Obeid Law Firm | Middle East | 30 Aug 2019

Resolving telecoms disputes involving state entities in the Middle East

As the economy becomes increasingly data focused, telecoms markets across the Middle East are changing considerably. The policy framework has not always kept pace with this rapid change, and aspects of telecoms regulations are now outdated. However, personal data protection and public-private partnership (PPP) laws are starting to affect telecoms contracts and investments. Specifically, PPP......
Ask Lexy

Clyde & Co LLP | Middle East | 23 Nov 2015

GCC Trademark Law: moving closer in different ways

Following publication of the Trademark Law of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states in 2013, attention has turned to its implementation – in particular, when the law will come into force in each GCC state and to what extent it will be necessary to look at national legislation in order to confirm each state's position. With further legislation pending in several states, it is not yet......
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