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Clyde & Co LLP | Libya | 4 Aug 2014

New era, new trademarks law

The Commercial Code established a new Trademarks Law, removing the old law, which had been in effect for over half a century. The new law expands the definition of a 'trademark', provides protection to famous marks, permits individuals to register trademarks, extends the grace period for filing renewals and grants trademark holders the right to initiate actions against infringing parties at......
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Sidley Austin LLP | Libya, USA | 18 Mar 2011

New economic sanctions imposed against Libya

In response to the growing violence in Libya, the United States has imposed economic sanctions against Libya. All property interests of the Libyan government, certain senior officials and others implicated in human rights abuses have been blocked, and US persons have been barred from transferring or donating funds to, or having other business dealings with, those persons.
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