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Kincaid | Mendes Vianna Advogados | Brazil | 28 Jul 2021

Is it possible to have a ship-recycling industry in Brazil?

Maritime transport plays a vital role in international trade. However, as with all equipment, vessels have a limited life cycle after which they are no longer useful. There are several opportunities for Brazil to enter the ship recycling market but there are both national and international obstacles that must be considered. Ship recycling can be carried out in a safe and sustainable manner,......

Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein | Germany | 28 Jul 2021

Sustainable aviation fuel in Germany

The production and use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is at the centre of the legislature's agenda for the coming years – both in the European Union and in EU member states. This article focuses on the current developments in Germany, where the legislature is about to introduce a minimum quota for the quantity of SAF placed on the market from 2026 onwards as part of its greenhouse gas......

KaiRong Law Firm | China | 28 Jul 2021

Passenger denied boarding due to 12-second check-in delay

In international air transport, passengers must always arrive at the check-in counter sufficiently early before the flight's scheduled departure time. Many passengers are familiar with this, having had experience of catching a flight previously. If a passenger arrives at the check-in counter later than the required time, even by a few seconds, is the airline entitled to refuse the passenger?......

CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo | Spain | 28 Jul 2021

Re-examining bylaw wording relating to remuneration received by directors

In a recent decision, the General Directorate of Legal Security and Public Faith ruled on bylaw wording relating to the remuneration of directors and the inclusion of payment for performing extraneous duties to those contemplated in the role of director. The decision settles an appeal made by the notary public against the refusal of a registrar from the Madrid Commercial Register XXIII to......

Gün + Partners | Turkey | 28 Jul 2021

Remote working after covid-19

The Regulation on Remote Working provides that companies do not need employee consent to enforce a partial or full remote working model if there are compulsory grounds for this work arrangement. However, permanently implementing remote working would constitute a material change to the terms and conditions of employment. Therefore, employers who wish to permanently adopt this working model......

Lenz & Staehelin | Switzerland | 28 Jul 2021

Federal Council proposes parental leave for care of seriously ill children

A new form of parental leave to care for a child with serious health problems due to illness or accident recently came into force. Its flexible terms and conditions allow care to be provided in a way that accommodates the needs of both parents and children.

AKD | Netherlands | 28 Jul 2021

CMR carrier liable for damage to food products caused by stowaways

The Oost-Brabant Court recently rendered a decision in a case where damage was caused by stowaways who had climbed on board a vehicle during an international road transport. The Court reaffirmed that the claimant must prove a "substantial physical change" to the goods between the time of taking over the goods and the time of delivery in order to be able to claim damages.

KaiRong Law Firm | China | 28 Jul 2021

Contracting parties cannot avoid clear contractual rights and obligations by raising tort claims

This article discusses a noteworthy case from the Shanghai Maritime Court's Report on Trials Involving the Shipbuilding Industry. The courts opined that in a tort claim, even if the contract specifies the detailed rights and obligations of the parties to determine liabilities, the relevant contractual clauses must still be considered to determine whether a contractual party is obliged to take......

KPMG Law | Sweden | 28 Jul 2021

Ontario expands rapid testing for essential businesses

The Ontario government, in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, recently launched the Provincial Antigen Screening Program allowing all essential businesses to access free covid-19 rapid testing. Eligible businesses with on-site staff are being encourage by the Ontario government to partake in the initiative.

Lewis Silkin | United Kingdom | 28 Jul 2021

Using NHS COVID Pass for staff

The new NHS COVID Pass offers businesses an easy way of discovering an individual's covid-19 status but there are legal issues to consider first. This article considers the key data protection and equalities issues raised by using the pass for staff, including compliance with data protection laws, identifying individuals exempt from vaccination or testing and practical considerations.
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