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Odi-se Avocats | France | 30 Sep 2020

What have been the three standout issues in the French aviation industry in 2020?

Insolvency has been a topical issue in the French aviation market in 2020 with two significant mid-sized airlines declaring bankruptcy at the start of the year and the number of airlines in financial difficulty set to rise due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The reduction of the level of carbon emissions that the French aviation sector produces is another hot topic, with the......
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Kennedys Law LLP | Peru | 5 Aug 2020

What three things should we look out for in the Peruvian aviation industry in 2020?

The resumption of aviation activities following the COVID-19 shutdown will undoubtedly be the biggest challenge that the Peruvian aviation industry faces in the coming months. Health and safety concerns, the frequency of and demand for flights and the maintenance of airport slots are issues that airlines and the aviation authorities must tackle head on. In addition, airlines face some......
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LALIVE | Global, OECD, USA | 2 Jul 2020

Lexology GTDT – Risk & Compliance Management 2020: Global Trends

Daniel Bühr, a partner with LALIVE (, looks at the ever-increasing legal requirements on corporates globally regarding their risk and compliance management. Lexology GTDT Risk & Compliance Management 2020 can be accessed at
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Levitan, Sharon & Co | Israel | 24 Jun 2020

What three things should we look out for in the Israeli aviation industry in 2020?

Keren Marco discusses the economic impact of COVID-19 on the aviation industry, as well as the ever-increasing number of class actions filed against airlines in Israel over the past decade.
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ALTIUS | Belgium | 19 Jun 2020

Government measures to assist companies during COVID-19 pandemic – interview

An interview with Bart Heynickx, counsel at ALTIUS, about various insolvency issues that are arising in Belgium as a result of COVID-19.
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Norton Rose Fulbright | USA | 20 May 2020

Price gougers beware: the state AGs are watching!

Vic Domen, former Antitrust Task Force chair for the National Association of Attorneys General, discusses various consumer protection issues that are arising in the United States as a result of COVID-19.
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Basch & Rameh Advogados Associados | Brazil | 19 May 2020

Aviation industry trends in Brazil

Ken Basch examines the relief measures offered to the Brazilian aviation sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein | Germany | 16 Apr 2020

Trends in Germany's aviation industry

Ulrich Steppler and Christine Kranich discuss challenges in the German aviation industry, including the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.
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Klonaris & Co | Bahamas | 16 Apr 2020

Aviation industry trends – The Bahamas

Llewellyn V Boyer-Cartwright discusses developments in the Bahamian aviation industry, as well as the potential impact of COVID-19.
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