The Ministry of Energy is finalizing the draft amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act which is to be submitted to the Parliament by a group of MP’s in May. The draft aims to change the rules of the support system for the renewable energy. Although the full draft amendment has not been published yet, the Polish Press Agency has disclosed its main objectives.

In general, the draft aims to provide more support for the technologies that generate energy in a “stable and predictable manner”. It would lead to a decrease in the level of support for both solar and wind energy. According to the draft, the energy auctions will be conducted separately for different groups of installations.

The operators of energy sources using biomass seem to be the primary beneficiaries of the amendment. The intention of the authors of the draft is to extend the support system for the multi-fuel installations that burn biomass together with coal. The draft amendment also encourages the use of the local raw materials and thus, introduces a definition of the “local biomass” which is biomass obtained within 300 km from the relevant renewable energy source.

There will also be a substantial change in the support system for the prosumers, who will be deprived of feed-in tariffs. Instead, the prosumer would receive a certain volume of energy proportionally to the volume of the energy generated by given prosumer (multiplied by a different ratio depending on the type of installation).

According to the authors of the draft, the amendment, if adopted, will come into force on 1 July 2016.