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Continuing with the theme of tackling tough topics, @SportSXMIchelle tackles the term #Redskins and asks special guest @LukeFedlam just what should the team owner, and the @NFLCommish do when the world changes, and the league is expected to take a new lookat an issue that may be discriminatory. Also, on topic will be the the allegations of academic fraud made by Rashad McCants, former UNC basketball player. Is it just 'fodder' and lastly a look at the World Cup, and "The Situation" with the co-host of #YellowCard Podcast.

This morning's show will extend beyond the normal #SixtyMinutes to allow time for coverage and discussion about the World Cup, with a special guest who covers soccer in the world of sports. Happy to have Keith Kokinda join the show this morning, he has covered professional soccer going on 20 years as a blogger, and does play-by-play announcing for HSS since 2005 for Time Warner Cable Sports Channel and He has worked for a number of professional clubs and is currently the co-host of the Yellow Carded Podcast, also on Blog Talk Radio.