Immigration authorities in Taiwan have announced that they will introduce a combined work and residence permit, called the Gold Card. Following from this, further updates have been announced, clarifying details about the Gold Card. The Gold Card will be available for employers hiring Foreign Special Professionals who fall into certain specific categories.  The Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals Act has provided clarity for employers by defining the term Foreign Special Professionals in the following areas:              

  • Architecture
  • Cultural and art
  • Economic
  • Education
  • Financial
  • Law
  • Sport
  • Technology

Those who fall in the category of Foreign Special Professionals are eligible for the Gold Card and as such, they will not need an employer to sponsor them. Additionally, the Gold Card will allow applicants to change jobs and search for new employment without losing their status.  Each category has specific criteria that must be satisfied, which includes criteria based on salary, experience and qualifications. The validity of the Gold Card will vary from 1 or 3 years.