The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (“NTIA”) has announced the next steps in its planned multi-stakeholder processes for drones and cybersecurity. NTIA announced the first meeting of a multistakeholder process to develop best practices that enhance privacy and transparency around the operation of unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”), i.e., drones, by commercial and private users. Citing the wide range of innovative and beneficial services that UAS may provide, including news gathering, agribusiness, delivery, and providing  internet in remote areas, the NTIA also cites the importance of consumer trust and responsible operation as the  “keys” to expanding the potential uses of UAS. The first meeting is scheduled for August 3, 2015, in Washington, DC, with subsequent meetings planned for the fall.

Separately, NTIA announced a plan to launch its first cybersecurity multistakeholder process in September 2015. Following on the initiative announced by the Department of Commerce in March to address cybersecurity issues in the digital ecosystem, NTIA plans to focus this multistakeholder process on vulnerability research disclosure. NTIA’s stated goal is to bring together security researchers, software and system vendors, academics, and other interested parties to create common principles and best practices around the disclosure of and response to security vulnerability information. The date and time of the first meeting have not yet been set, but it will be convened in the San Francisco Bay area in September.