Just a friendly reminder that issuers listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market (“NASDAQ”) must file a one-time certification certifying compliance with the amended compensation committee listing rules provided in Rule 5605(d) and IM-5605-6 by the earlier of 30 days after their 2014 annual meeting or October 31, 2014. NASDAQ’s Rule 5605(d) requires that companies certify they have complied with (i) the NASDAQ compensation committee independence standards and (ii) and the requirement for a formal written charter that specifies the committee’s responsibilities, including structure, operations, and membership requirements. If an issuer’s annual meeting is held in the last quarter of 2014, the deadline to file the certification is tomorrow (October 31, 2014). This certification can be completed by logging in to the NASDAQ Listing Center and following the prompts.

A list of frequently asked questions regarding the certification is also available.