Expiration of definitive antidumping duties and exporters commitments for different products

On 7 November 2017 the Ministry of Economy published in the Federal Official Gazette, the Notice to inform of the expiration of definitive antidumping duties and commitments of exporters for different products.

The domestic producers of the listed goods may file a written submission stating their interest to begin a review procedure of the consequences of the expiration of the antidumping duties and the exporters' commitments, at least 25 working days before their corresponding expiration.

The antidumping duties or exporters' commitments facing a near expiration refer to the following products:

Product Country of Origin Expiration
Chain parts of iron steel China 18 July 2018
Synthetic staple and polyester fibers South Korea 20 August 2018
Ferrosilicon Manganese Ukraine 25 September 2018
Ferromanganese China 26 September 2018
Cold Flat rolled steel South Korea 31 December 2018

The deadline to show interest in the review of the antidumping duties of bond paper originating from Brazil was 1 February 2018, as this antidumping duties expire on is 12 March 2018.

Removal of antidumping duties on the importation of graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces originating from China and the United Kingdom (UK)

Importations from China and the UK of graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces with a 8-24 inch diameter, classified under tariff item 8545.11.0,1 are no longer subject to the payment of antidumping duties in Mexico, since 16 January 2018.

These antidumping duties that had been imposed since 1 March 2012. were eliminated by means of the publication of the Ministry of economy of the Final Resolution of the anti-dumping duties imposed to graphite electrodes for electric arc furnace originating from China and the United Kingdom, when proceeding from the company UK Carbon and Graphite, Co. Ltd. ("UKCG") and the electrodes are manufactured with graphite bars originating from China, regardless of the country of shipping, dated January 15, 2018.

Beginning of antidumping investigation against imports of synthetic fiber of polyester China originating

On February 6, 2018 the Ministry of Economy published in the Federal Official Gazette the beginning of an antidumping investigation against the imports from China of synthetic fiber of polyester.

The investigation began by request of the Mexican producer DAK Resinas Américas México S.A. de C.V. ("DAK Resinas"). The investigated period was established from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017.

The product subject to investigation is used in the textile industry, specially in stuffing articles for textiles such as jackets or blankets.

The domestic market alleges that the goods subject to investigation are imported into Mexico under dumping conditions, therefore the interested parties should file a response to the official questionnaire and provide arguments by 16 March 2018.