After a weeklong spring recess, the legislature ramped up last week to move legislation ahead of the upcoming “crossover” deadline, which is currently set for April 27th. Crossover is the date by which a bill that does not impact taxes or appropriations must pass one chamber to remain eligible for the remainder of the biennium.

Regulatory Reform (SB131 (link is external)) This week the Senate failed to concur on the changes the House made to the Regulatory Reform Act of 2016-2017. The bill, which contains a number of provisions amending various state laws and regulations, will now be heard by a conference committee made up of four House members and five Senate members. Representative Chris Millis (R-Pender) and Senator Andy Wells (R-Catawba) will co-chair the conference committee.

Three-judge Panels (HB677 (link is external)) A bill filed earlier this month by Representative Sarah Stevens (R-Surry) that would allow the appointment of District Court judges to a three-judge panel passed the House last week. Three-judge panels are charged with ruling on actions that challenge the validity of acts of the General Assembly and are currently made up of Superior Court judges. Representative Stevens is a former District Court Judge.

House Bills Filed

H858 (link is external)

Medicaid Expansion/Healthcare Jobs Initiative. (link is external)

H859 (link is external)

Storm Debris Removal Funds. (link is external)

H860 (link is external)

Permanency Innovation Initiative Funds. (link is external)

H861 (link is external)

Certification of Electrical Appliances. (link is external)

H862 (link is external)

Seniors' Fraud Protection Act. (link is external)

H863 (link is external)

Require Driver Retraining Course. (link is external)

H864 (link is external)

Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public Act/Funds. (link is external)

H865 (link is external)

Community Association Property Management Act. (link is external)

H866 (link is external)

Public School Building Bond Act of 2017. (link is external)

H867 (link is external)

Coastal Fisheries Conservation/Econ. Dev. (link is external)

H868 (link is external)

Innovation Early College HS/CIHS Funds. (link is external)