In the coming weeks, the District of Columbia’s Department of Employment Services (DOES) will be conducting a public campaign to educate employers and employees about the recently enacted Wage Theft Prevention Amendment Act of 2014 (Act), which became law on February 26, 2015. See Hogan Lovells’ January 16 and February 25 Employment Alerts about the Act.

As described by a DOES summary of the law, employers must immediately provide new hires with the notice concerning wage information required by the Act, while they have a 90-day grace period from February 26 to provide the notice to current employees. Sample templates for the required notices, for employers and temporary staffing firms, are available from the DOES website.

The recently released templates indicate that “Employers may create their notices, [or] use or adapt the notices provided by [DOES] as long as” all of the requirements of the Act for the wage information notices are met. The Act and the templates still leave some interpretive issues for employers. Employers should strive to stay on top of developments through consulting the DOES website, participating in webinars offered by DOES, and seeking legal counsel as needed.