Law 52/2014 of 25 August established cross-border healthcare, promoting the cooperation on cross-border healthcare and transposing Directive 2011/24 of the EU Parliament and the European Council of March 9, 2011, and the Executive Directive 2012/52/EU, of December 20, 2012.

Under this Law, Portuguese citizens or citizens resident in Portugal are eligible to access healthcare in other Member States with the entitlement to reimbursement of expenses, provided that these are healthcare services that would be supported by the Portuguese State, within certain parameters, with prior assessment by a family doctor. In the event of cross-border surgery healthcare that demands hospitalization for at least one night or healthcare that demands the access to highly complex or highly specialized infrastructure and equipment, it is necessary to obtain prior authorization for the reimbursement.

The Law also established, in Portugal, the recognition of medical prescriptions issued in other Member States, defining criteria such as the identification of the patient and the doctor and the authentication of prescription and medicinal product identification by common name or by trademark. Subsequently, Order 11042-F/2014 of 29 August approved the template of medical prescription entitled to recognition in any Member State of the European Union.