Rules on the implementation of the 2014-2020 “Ecological Farming” rural development programme were adopted on 20 April 2015. Under the programme, transition to ecological farming as well as ecological farming itself qualifies for funding from EU funds. Funding may be granted to farmers and legal persons who throughout their tenure carry out (or are going to carry out immediately after receiving funding) activity related to ecological farming. Funding is also available to farmers and legal persons who carry out the same activity, not throughout their whole tenure but who undertake to do so from 2016.

The rules set out the following priorities and goals:

  1. restoration, preservation and improvement of ecosystems related to agriculture;
  2. prevention of soil erosion, preservation and improvement of soil quality;
  3. restoration, preservation and increase of biological diversity;
  4. protection of soil from degradation and loss of carbon dioxide;
  5. production of quality food products and supply of those products to consumers;
  6. decrease of agriculture-related environmental pollution.

The rules are available here.