Default retirement age has been removed with effect from 6 April 2011, with transitional arrangements to 1 October 2011

The Employment Equality (Repeal of Retirement Age Provisions) Regulations 2011/1069 in force on 6 April 2011

Following consultation:

  • The DRA has been removed with effect from 6 April 2011.
  • Compulsory retirements under the DRA procedures will be allowed where the employee was notified of retirement before 6 April 2011.
  • Employers will still be able to have a compulsory retirement age if this can be objectively justified.  

Regulations remove the exemption allowing a default retirement age. The regulations introduce a new exemption for the provision by an employer of insurance or a "related financial service" only to staff who are aged less than 65 (rising with increases in state pension age). The regulations have been reissued following an error in the initial drafting.